Bat & Wildlife RemovalAre Nuisance Bats, Flying Squirrels and Birds Driving You, Well, Batty?
Are bats the latest unwelcome visitor in your home or office building? Are bat and bird droppings causing you to worry about your health, your kids’ health, even your pets’ health? Are these bats and birds damaging your property?

Bird, Bat and Flying Squirrel Droppings: Health Hazards Waiting to Happen.Bat & Wildlife Removal
You’re right to be concerned about the problems caused by bird and bat droppings. Besides the unsightly mess, droppings cause property damage and pose health risks. Pigeon and bat droppings contain uric acid. This acid eats into the surface it drops on. Painted surfaces, canvas awnings, signs, and other similar materials are most likely to be affected. Dried droppings contain many fungal and viral diseases that pose health risks as well (think of your kids and pets playing in the backyard). Histoplasmosis, encephalitis, meningitis, and salmonella are just a few of the common viral and bacterial diseases that have been associated with bird droppings.

Bat & Wildlife Removal Bat & Wildlife Removal

Ford's Hometown Services staff doing exclusion work.

Bird, Bat and Flying Squirrel Exclusion
Bat & Wildlife RemovalWe Exclude Bats, Flying squirrels, Rodents, Birds, and other types of Wildlife. Part of our Bird exclusion work is placing professional grade screen covers over vents. This prevents wildlife pests from entering your home and causing a variety of issues.

Ford’s to the Rescue: Safe and Effective Bird, Bat and Flying Squirrel Removal When You Need It Most.
At Ford’s Hometown Services, we tailor a bird or bat exclusion program to meet your specific needs. We always use the latest and most effective humane bird and bat removal methods—methods that work for your home or office building over the long term.

From a few birds and bats to large habitations, we have the expertise to capture and exclude birds, bats, flocks, and other wildlife nuisances from homes and commercial buildings in MA and RI.

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