What About Termites?



Eastern Subterranean Termites As their name indicates the type of termites we deal with in New England are Subterranean and are typically moving around in the soil. Termites are an important part of recycling in the environment but are a structural destructive force in your home or business. Termites enter your home through a crack less than 1/16th of an inch. In a colony you will find workers, soldiers and reproductive termites.  Termites require a moist environment in order to survive so they need to get back down into the soil to re-moisturize their bodies. In the springtime a “swarm” of winged termites can be seen inside or outside of your home.   

 We Have Found Termites Damaging:

Pool Liners, Cardboard Boxes, BooksPaper Off Of Sheetrock, Wood Paneling, Carpet Backing, Tree Stumps, Wood Piles, A Baseball Bat Lying On The Ground, Mulch, Picnic Tables & Other Wooden Lawn Furniture, Wooden Stakes In Gardens (For Tomato Plants), Styrofoam Insulation, Pressure Treated Wood, and Pallets On The Floor Of A Basement.

Since termite colonies are in the ground or must return to the ground, the full area around the foundation is treated to create a barrier around your home. The chemical used (a termiticide) cannot be detected by the termites. Through there social interactions, they pass this material on to each other. Slowly knocking off each member of the colony in such a way that they don’t realize they are in danger. Are you beeing bugged? Contact us at 1-800-649-9992 or FORDSHOMETOWN.COM 

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I think I will pass on brushing my teeth this morning!

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Carpenter Ants Now?

Believe it or not the ants are starting to move. Many people have been calling due to Carpenter Ant activity in the kitchen or bathroom. In our professional opinion, this year will be big for Carpenter Ants due to the generous amount of moisture and any areas that were breached because of ice dams and melting snow. We highly recommend getting preventative service this year to protect your home from these destructive pests. Call today for a quote 1-800-649-9992.

Pest of the month carpenter ants

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Carpenter Ants will Soon be on the Move!


CarpenterAntCarpenter Ants can be black or combination of red and black or red and brown. Workers vary in size and can range from ¼ to ½ inch and the queens range from ½ to 5/8ths.     These ants are an important part of recycling and composting wood in their natural setting, but are destructive and unsettling when they invade our homes and businesses. Most carpenter ant queens start a nest in decayed or water-damaged wood that is softened by fungus. Normally, we find a major nest containing thousands of ants and smaller satellite colonies containing fewer ants. These satellite colonies can be found anywhere. The presence of winged ants (a swarming) indicates a mature colony close by.

Our Pest Management Professionals are experts in eradicating carpenter ants. They will ask questions to try to deduce where the ants may have set up the primary nest. Their questions may include: Have you had any water leaks or water problems in general? How many ants do you see and in what area do you see the most? Do you see ants every spring or do you see any with wings? Our professional will also look for conducive conditions such as mulch up against the foundation, excessive leaf litter, woodpiles and scrap wood, bushes and trees which touch the home and any earth-to-wood contact.  If ants are seen, the technician may put carpenter ant bait down. The ants will pick up this “food” and head back to the nest to feed the queen and the young. These clues will hopefully lead to where the problem is and the discovery of where the nesting sites are.  If you are a do-it yourself person and continue to have ants yearly, you may be causing a small problem to become a big one. Are you beeing bugged, something annoying in your attic? Contact us at info@fordshometown.com or 1-800-649-9992.



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Come Visit us at the Worcester Spring Home Show- 6th, 7th & 8th

Looking for something to do this weekend? Why not stop by the Worcester Home Show at the DCU Center. Our booth always has the most activity because we bring our live insectarium for you to see. Have you ever seen a Scorpion close up? Have you ever heard a Hissing Cockroach hiss? Come see our unique insects and learn about our GREAT services.

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Tick Protection Program

Tick with fhs onlyTick Protection Program

Ford’s Hometown Services has really done its homework! Introducing our exciting  Tick Program offering your family and pets the best tick protection possible.

We offer both chemical and organic certified tick services.  Both programs are proven to repel fleas, ants, spiders, mosquitoes, and other biting insects and arthropods.

One in four ticks carry Lyme Disease.  With the rising health issues involving Ticks and Lyme Disease, we are confident you are in good hands.  Don’t be their next victim! Receive 30% off your first border spray when you sign up for our tick program.

For pricing question, please call our customer service department at 1-800-649-9992 and ask for the Lawn Department or email us at info@fordshometown.com.


Yours truly,

Christopher Ford

Vice President

Chris Ford




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So you think you have “just one mouse” ?

A female house mouse gives birth to around 6 young about 19 days after mating. She is ready to mate again in two days. She can produce 6 to 10 litters a year. Each of her young is ready to mate in two month. Remarkably, all her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great, great grandchildren can have offspring in the same year. Two mice, starting to breed on New Year’s Day, could theoretically have as many as 31,000 descendants by December 3. I guess the point is, I doubt you have just one. Give us a call and we will be happy to get rid of the mice inside the home and button up the entry points so no more mice will enter. 1-800-649-9992



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Have you had any visits from wildlife?

Man, it is cold out, let me in. If wildlife could speak we are pretty sure that is what they would say. We are getting many calls for wildlife removal, especially squirrels chewing their way into homes through eaves and into the attic. During the winter we are always treating for mice inside homes and commercial establishments. Once inside these animals are destructive and chew on wires and urinate and defecate where they please. Wildlife and mice may also carry disease and parasites that can effect people and pets. Don’t let them set up shop in your home! If your attic is being attacked, give us a call and we will make you pest free! 1-800-649-9992Ground hog looks through window

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The New “Pest of the Month”


This storm is forecasted to be serious, with three feet of snow possible, and 50+mph winds. Plan ahead, and please limit your travel from tomorrow evening until Wednesday morning.

Well, here it comes. We are going to get blasted by a blizzard, but at least we know it’s coming. I have polled my coworkers asking what types of prep they are doing in the event of power outages and long duration snow. My coworker Donna suggests to keep up with the snow by going out every few hours. It is easer to move 4-5 inches of snow at a time than 2-3 feet. I (Kathy) suggest keeping your battery operated candles from Christmas handy and set them so you will always have a light if the power goes out during the evening.  To better illuminate a room, place the candles by mirrors. Also, don’t forget during power outages, if you have a grill you can cook. Once the storm is over, your electric stove may not work, but you can still use your grill to cook meat and potato/veggies (in foil packs is yummy). Stay off the roads and above all be safe!

Snow is in the forecast! Keep these numbers handy.

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Do you read the label before spraying a pesticide?

Do-it-yourself Pesticides- Are you misusing pesticides? 

When was the last time you may have bought a product from your local hardware store to spray some ants or a bomb to rid your home of fleas? Did you read the label before you used the product? Did someone at the store go over the precautions and preparation you need to perform before you spray your chemical? I can bet they didn’t, unless you came to my retail area at Ford’s Hometown Services. I can tell you why you don’t need to “bomb” your house for fleas and give you specific instructions on what you need to do both before and after treatment. I get calls from people who say they have “bombed and bombed” to rid their home of fleas and they still have them.  So, I start from square one and tell them to stop over-spraying pesticides.

1.  Over application of pesticide can make your family and especially pets sick. I cannot stress this enough. In the case of setting off bombs, you are getting pesticide EVERYWHERE, light switches, doorknobs, counter tops, bedding, and other places you and your family will eventually touch. Not to mention all the areas you don’t need pesticide like your ceiling. New sprays are designed to target the growth of fleas and stop it. These sprays are not bombs. You control where the insecticide is sprayed limiting your family and pets exposure.

2.  Some activity will always occur after you spray insecticides. Different stages of insects will hatch and need to come into contact with the pesticide. So be patient. Fleas in the pupae stage are protected from chemicals and will hatch into adults even if you have sprayed. The newly hatched adults will come into contact with the chemical and eventually die.

3. Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum Both before and after flea treatment. This will remove eggs and pupae from your carpet, reducing the soon-to-be adult fleas.

4. Speak to your veterinarian about flea control for your animal.

I am always happy to help those who want to try to solve their insect problem, but sometimes it is best to have a professional come in first. If you buy a product from Ford’s Hometown Services, save your receipt. If within one year you hire us to solve the problem that you were unable to, we will deduct the amount you spent on the do-it-yourself product. That’s what we call Premiere Customer Service. Stop in and see us. 549 Grove Street, Worcester MA.

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