Our Office Will Be Closed November 26th & 27th

Our office will be closed Thursday November 26th and Friday November 27th to allow our employees time to be with their friends and family. From all of us at Ford’s Hometown Services, have a wonderful Thanksgiving and safe travels.

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True or False

True or False: There are poisons used for mice that will make them go outside looking for water so they don’t die in the house?

ANSWER:  Sorry, there is no such poison that will do this. This is false. Most of the time you will never smell a dead mouse in the home, but there are instances that the mouse decomposes slowly and causes an odor that can last 7 to 10 days. If mice are invading your home, call today: 1-800-649-9992.

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Thank You to Those Who Fight for Our Freedom!

Ford’s Hometown Services would like to say thank you to those who stand tall and fight for our Freedom.

Happy Veteran’s Day!

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3rd Annual Toy Drive


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But I only have one mouse…

That statement is highly unlikely considering a female house mouse gives birth to around 6 young about 19 days after mating. She is ready to mate again in two days. She can produce 6 to 10 litters a year. Each of her young is ready to mate in two month. Remarkably, all her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great, great grandchildren can have offspring in the same year. Two mice, starting to breed on New Year’s Day, could theoretically have as many as 31,000 descendants by December 3. I guess the point is, I doubt you have just one. Give us a call and we will be happy to get rid of the mice inside the home and make recommendations of areas that need to be buttoned up to prevent their entry. Call Today 1-800-649-9992

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Fluctuating Temperatures Tell the Insects it is Time to Overwinter

I love Stink BugsAs the cooler weather is upon us there are a few housekeeping chores you may not have considered. Mice, lady bugs, western conifer seed bugs, stink bugs,spiders and many more insects seek the comfort of your home to overwinter during this time of the year. So what can you do to make your home less attractive to them? First,  approach things at ground level. Door sweeps break down over time and should be replaced as needed. Basement doors and windows should be sealed properly to prevent easy entry. Now is also a great time for one more preventative spray on your foundation and around window and door frames. Cut back shrubs that touch the home to increase ventilation and remove insect highways to your home. Remove leaf litter from around the foundation especially around steps and under porches. Now you can work your way up. Remove window air conditioner units, it is inevitable that insects can find their way in through these and into your home.  Now look up. Gaps in your soffits should be closed and ventilation louvers to the attic should have insect screening. Tree limbs touching the home will allow insects, mice and squirrels a direct road to your attic, even if they need to chew their way in.

Excluding insects is a permanent way to keep the unwanted insects out. Fall is also a great time to have an exterior preventative spray for insects. If you would like more info call us today 1-800-649-9992. Have a Pest & Weed Free Day!

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Happy Bosses Day!

We would like to wish our bosses a very happy bosses day!

Thank you to George, Geoff, Chris and Bob Ford

George Photo #2Geoff next to truck 2Chris Ford Photo   Bob Ford Award June 2011 010

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Cool Bug Photos are Always Welcome.

I always appreciate it when our technicians take photos while out on the road. Thanks to Steve Antoni for this great photo of a praying mantis just hanging around sunning itself. Do you have any cool or interesting photos of insects? Please feel free to share them. Thank you. Ford’s Hometown Services 1-800-649-9992praying mantis

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Pest of the Month -Bats

Ford's-BATS 144x47

Bats are the only true flying mammals, which have thin membranes that extend from the elongated forearm and fingers to the body’s hind limb. Their body is furry and their eyes are small with limited vision. They navigate by means of a sonar-like echolocation system, which enables them to avoid solid objects and detect flying insects in total darkness. A colony of bats can produce pounds of guano (bat droppings) that can stain through ceilings or even worse, break through and contaminate your living space. You may find guano next to your chimney within your attic, as the heated chimney provides comfort for overwintering. Large amounts of bat guano support the growth of a fungus called Histoplasma capsulatum. If the spores become airborne and are inhaled, a lung disease called histoplasmosis may develop. Bats can carry ectoparasites (“bat bugs”), which are blood-feeding insects similar to bed bugs and mites.Picture 026

Bats are also a known vector of rabies, a viral disease that is fatal if not treated. As a preventative measure, please make sure your pets are vaccinated. Do not handle a bat if it shows weakness or paralysis. Bats that have impaired flying ability or are viewed flying during midday may be rabid. In the exclusion of bats, Ford’s Hometown Services uses no pesticides, poisons or traps and does not harm the bats in any way. Our methods involve finding and sealing all points of entry, excluding the KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAbats with one-way doors, re-checking to be sure all are safely out of your home and then blocking entrance holes. If you need help with bats or other forms of pest control, please call us today 1-800-649-9992.

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We Welcome You to Our Office.

Last winter our front office door shattered due to ice getting jammed in the door frame. We finally got it repaired and also upgraded our glass to make the office more energy efficient. We are very pleased with the results. Stop by and check out our live insect and reptile display including a live honey bee hive. If you are lucky, Ozzy the skunk may make an appearance.

Ford’s Hometown Services is located at 549 Grove Street, Worcester (across from Indian Lake) and we are ready to serve all of your pest control, wildlife and lawn fertilizing needs. 1-800-649-9992.


Front office photo with new door

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