Do you read the label before spraying a pesticide?

Do-it-yourself Pesticides- Are you misusing pesticides? 

When was the last time you may have bought a product from your local hardware store to spray some ants or a bomb to rid your home of fleas? Did you read the label before you used the product? Did someone at the store go over the precautions and preparation you need to perform before you spray your chemical? I can bet they didn’t, unless you came to my retail area at Ford’s Hometown Services. I can tell you why you don’t need to “bomb” your house for fleas and give you specific instructions on what you need to do both before and after treatment. I get calls from people who say they have “bombed and bombed” to rid their home of fleas and they still have them.  So, I start from square one and tell them to stop over-spraying pesticides.

1.  Over application of pesticide can make your family and especially pets sick. I cannot stress this enough. In the case of setting off bombs, you are getting pesticide EVERYWHERE, light switches, doorknobs, counter tops, bedding, and other places you and your family will eventually touch. Not to mention all the areas you don’t need pesticide like your ceiling. New sprays are designed to target the growth of fleas and stop it. These sprays are not bombs. You control where the insecticide is sprayed limiting your family and pets exposure.

2.  Some activity will always occur after you spray insecticides. Different stages of insects will hatch and need to come into contact with the pesticide. So be patient. Fleas in the pupae stage are protected from chemicals and will hatch into adults even if you have sprayed. The newly hatched adults will come into contact with the chemical and eventually die.

3. Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum Both before and after flea treatment. This will remove eggs and pupae from your carpet, reducing the soon-to-be adult fleas.

4. Speak to your veterinarian about flea control for your animal.

I am always happy to help those who want to try to solve their insect problem, but sometimes it is best to have a professional come in first. If you buy a product from Ford’s Hometown Services, save your receipt. If within one year you hire us to solve the problem that you were unable to, we will deduct the amount you spent on the do-it-yourself product. That’s what we call Premiere Customer Service. Stop in and see us. 549 Grove Street, Worcester MA.

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Mice in the winter.

What is the most common thing that attracts rodents to your yard?

Bird feeders are especially attractive to mice, chipmunks and squirrels. They will be more likely to breed close by and look for shelter near this food source. If you can’t stop feeding the birds try to use a catch tray to keep it from reaching the ground or frequently clean any seed that has fallen to the ground. Remember, even if mice are not hungry they will collect and store the seed for winter food.

When temperatures fluctuate, it is like a signal to mice and insects to find a suitable place to spend the cold winter. You can also see mouse footprints in the snow so take a walk around the foundation and it may help you find how they are getting in so you can seal the entry points.

Need help with mice or other pests, call today 1-800-649-9992.Mouse footprints in the snow 300 Mouse footprints in the snow 005

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We will be closed New Year’s Day.

All of us here at Ford’s Hometown Services would like to take the opportunity to wish you and your family a happy and safe new year. We thank all of our customers and employees for a wonderful 2014 and look forward to providing you the best service in 2015.

Group Photo 4-2-2012

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We will be Closed Thursday and Friday for Christmas

We will be Closed Christmas Day December 25th and Friday December 26th in celebration of Christmas.

From All of Us at Ford’s Hometown Services, we would like to wish you and your family a “Pest and Weed Free” holiday. May the creatures not stir and don’t forget to leave cookies out for the Guest of the Month, Santa. Happy Holidays!


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Cool Albino Groundhog

Albino GroundhogThis cool guy has been seen around the Greendale area of Worcester. It is an albino ground hog (aka woodchuck). It is unusual that these animals make it to adulthood because their color is so easily spotted by their predators such as owls and hawks. Ground hogs are a pest to gardens as they love tender young green plants. They can also disturb the soil with their burrows. If you find you are being pestered by wildlife, please give us a call and we can help solve your problem. 1-800-649-9992

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Home of the “Guest of the Month”

Just a quick reminder that we have plenty of beautiful Christmas trees. During our business hours (8am-5pm) come in the office and visit our live insectarium.

Ford’s Hometown Services 549 Grove Street, Worcester MA 01605. 1-800-649-9992

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We have Christmas Trees for Sale!

The Christmas season is upon us. If you are looking for a great tree this year, stop by and see our beautiful Christmas Trees.  Trees sizes range from apartment size and up.  Or check out our wreaths and decorated logs. We also have bows, swags and roping. Get the family together and come visit us at 549 Grove Street, Worcester (across from Indian Lake).  Wreaths & Roping

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Happy Thanksgiving

To all of our family, friends and customers, Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!

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Head Lice

At Ford’s Hometown Services, we often get walk-in’s with insects to be identified. This is a service we provide free of charge. This little pest was brought in for identification. Under a microscopic camera, it didn’t take long to identify the pest as head lice. Head lice are not something a pest control company will usually need to spray for because it is the host that needs treatment.  It is best to consult a physician or pharmacist for treatment recommendations. If you are being bugged, call today 1-800-649-9992.


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Now this is a good idea!


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