Do you see large sluggish flies on your windows?




The adult cluster fly will enter into homes to over winter.  In suburbs, older country homes become more vulnerable to the invasion.  As the winter warms into spring, these large sluggish flies appear mostly around windows to look for a lighted escape route.  They enter your living quarters through window rope pulley holes, overhead lighting, vents, and access points from your attic.  Large gatherings (clusters) can be seen on the sunny side of your house during the warm days of spring.  These flies are of no immediate threat to humans.

The eggs are laid in the soil and hatch in three days.  The newly emerged larvae (maggot) will penetrate earthworms and feed for 13-22 days and then pupate.  The pupae stage is 11-14 days before adulthood.  Control of these insects begins with preventing entry by interior caulking and physical barriers such as insect screening.  Insect light traps can help control and catch the adults.  Rarely is professional spraying necessary as these insects do not live very long indoors. This is a pest problem you can anticipate each year, however with the proper procedures mentioned above alleviation is possible.

Flies bugging you? Are mice a pain in the attic? Call Today 1-800-649-9992

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Infested, by Bob Ford

Did you ever wonder what the owners of a great pest control company do in their spare time? Well this is one way Bob Ford passes his time. Please enjoy!


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Mice Can Enjoy Christmas Too, if you are Not Careful!

Mice Billboard1

This time of the year we often get calls from customers who have brought out their holiday decorations and have found mice droppings or mouse nests inside them. To avoid this, place your holiday decorations in heavy sealed containers, not cardboard boxes. Never pack away edible decorations, candy or wreaths with nuts or seeds, as this gives mice a food source and can cause other problems such as moths and beetles.  If you store your decorations in the attic, always take a good look around for stinging insect nests, signs of gnawing from animals and bats and bat droppings.

Everyone enjoys a silent night with no creatures stirring! Call today and ask about our Pest Management Programs. 1-800-649-9992


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Christmas is coming!

Trees & Wreaths

The Christmas season is upon us. If you are looking for a great tree this year, stop by and see our beautiful Christmas Trees.  Trees sizes range from apartment size and up.  Or check out our wreaths and decorated logs. We also have bows, swags and roping. Get the family together and come visit us at 549 Grove Street, Worcester (across from Indian Lake).  Wreaths & Roping


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4th Annual Toy Drive to Benefit Why Me & Sherry’s House


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Got Mice?


What is the most common thing that attracts rodents to your yard?

Bird feeders are especially attractive to mice, chipmunks and squirrels. They will be more likely to breed close by and look for shelter near this food source. If you can’t stop feeding the birds try to use a catch tray to keep it from reaching the ground or frequently clean any seed that has fallen to the ground. Remember, even if mice are not hungry they will collect and store the seed for winter food.

When temperatures fluctuate, it is like a signal to mice and insects to find a suitable place to spend the cold winter. You can also see mouse footprints in the snow so take a walk around the foundation and it may help you find how they are getting in so you can seal the entry points.

Need help with mice or other pests, call today 1-800-649-9992.Mouse footprints in the snow 300 Mouse footprints in the snow 005

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Western Conifer Seed Bugs

Western Conifer Seed Bugs

Stinkbug Control in , Do you have unwelcome company in your home in the form of the Western Conifer Seed But? You’re not alone. These little pests can be a huge source of frustration due to their persistence and their stench! . Here at Ford’s Hometown Services, Western Conifer Seed Bugs control and removal is just one of the many specialties on the menu. Our expert technicians have seen it all, from bats in the attic to skunks in the basement and more, and they will put their experience to the test to solve your problems.

The Western Conifer Seed Bug is sometimes called a “stink bug” because of the odor they release when squished.  They are a common nuisance, especially in the fall when they migrate indoors to over winter.  These insects are determined to find their way indoors and have a tendency to be a nuisance throughout the winter. Even when it is below zero outside,  indoor temperatures are warm enough to keep these bugs from going into a deep hibernation. That’s why people see active stinkbugs in their homes all winter long.

Evolution has gifted the Western Conifer Seed Bug with a powerful olfactory weapon, meant to convince would-be predators to look elsewhere for a meal. That makes their control and removal a little more difficult for the average homeowner than when it comes to dealing with other ordinary pests. The smelly liquid that alarmed stinkbugs spray into the air can be painful if it gets into your eyes and can even land you in the hospital. Western Conifers typically feed off plants and fruits, sucking out the juice. These pests can do significant damage to crops and decorative plants. When the colder weather arrives, these bugs commonly invade homes and buildings looking for shelter through the winter.

Call us at Ford’s Hometown Services or contact us online for help with all your bug control and removal needs.

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Thank You For Your Service and Sacrifices

From the Ford’s Hometown Services Company:

We would like to extend a heartfelt Thank You to all of our veterans for their past and current service. Your sacrifices to protect our Freedoms and Liberties earn you to title of true hero’s!

Image result for free flag photo

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Free Tick Control Estimate

fords-ticks-144x427 Tick Suppression Program

One in four deer ticks carry LYME disease. There is an alarming increase of ticks in this area and only getting worse. With the rising health issues involving ticks and Lyme disease, we are confident you’re in good hands. Unlike most companies, FHS is proud to provide the best coverage and protection using more expensive high pressure spraying equipment.

Our trained applicators focus on lawn areas, planting beds, and walls where ticks are likely to be found. Also, we will spray up to 10 feet in and 3 feet high into the surrounding borders (if applicable) to further your insect protection. Then on each scheduled return visit we will spray all borders again to kill and repel them. Also, this service is proven to repel fleas, ants, spiders, mosquitoes and other biting insects. We want to give your family and pets a safe tick-free zone to enjoy with peace of mind.

Prevention is the best medicine!

Call us today at (800) 649-9992 to discuss your tick control needs and get a free estimate. Remember, we also can provide a one-time preventative spray for ticks and mosquitoes if you are having an event in your yard.

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Thousands are looking for a home for the winter.

Marienkäfer  Image result for free western conifer seed bug photo

As the cooler weather is upon us there are a few housekeeping chores you may not have considered. Mice, lady bugs, western conifer seed bugs, stink bugs,spiders and many more insects seek the comfort of your home to overwinter during this time of the year. So what can you do to make your home less attractive to them? First,  approach things at ground level. Door sweeps break down over time and should be replaced as needed. Basement doors and windows should be sealed properly to prevent easy entry. Now is also a great time for one more preventative spray on your foundation and around window and door frames. Cut back shrubs that touch the home to increase ventilation and remove insect highways to your home. Remove leaf litter from around the foundation especially around steps and under porches. Now you can work your way up. Remove window air conditioner units, it is inevitable that insects can find their way in through these and into your home.  Now look up. Gaps in your soffits should be closed and ventilation louvers to the attic should have insect screening. Tree limbs touching the home will allow insects, mice and squirrels a direct road to your attic, even if they need to chew their way in.

Today seems to be the day ladybugs feel they need to find shelter for the winter. Until the weather stays below 50 they will be actively seeking a place to overwinter.

Excluding insects is a permanent way to keep the unwanted insects out. Fall is also a great time to have an exterior preventative spray for insects. If you would like more info call us today 1-800-649-9992. Have a Pest & Weed Free Day!

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