Eastern Subterranean Termites

As their name indicates the type of termites we deal with in New England are Subterranean and are typically moving around in the soil. Termites are an important part of recycling in the environment but are a structural destructive force in your home or business. Termites enter your home through a crack less than 1/16th of an inch. In a colony you will find workers, soldiers and reproductive termites.  Termites require a moist environment in order to survive so they need to get back down into the soil to re-moisturize their bodies. In the springtime a “swarm” of winged termites can be seen inside or outside of your home.

 We Have Found Termites Damaging:

Pool Liners
Cardboard Boxes
Paper Off Of Sheetrock
Wood Paneling
Carpet Backing
Tree Stumps
Wood Piles
A Baseball Bat Lying On The Ground
Picnic Tables & Other Wooden Lawn Furniture
Wooden Stakes In Gardens (For Tomato Plants)
Styrofoam Insulation
Pressure Treated Wood
Pallets On The Floor Of A Basement

 Since termite colonies are in the ground or must return to the ground, the full area around the foundation is treated to create a barrier around your home. The chemical used (a termiticide) cannot be detected by the termites. Through there social interactions, they pass this material on to each other. Slowly knocking off each member of the colony in such a way that they don’t realize they are in danger. Are you beeing bugged? Contact us at FORDSHOMETOWN.COM or call today: 1-800-649-9992



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We will be CLOSED Monday March 31, 2014

Due to an all-day company meeting, our office will be CLOSED Monday March 31, 2014.

Group Photo 4-2-2012

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Was St. Patrick a Pest Control Operator- Driving out all snakes from Ireland?

The stories traditionally associated with St. Patrick, including the famous account of his banishing all the snakes from Ireland, are false, the products of hundreds of years of exaggerated storytelling.


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Donna White shows off our snake

Our pretty Donna White showed off our snake at the Hanover Theater. Some were very interested in the snake and others ran in the other direction. Donna is very brave!


Donna with Snake

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Close Encounter

Hawk1When our Vice President, Chris Ford went to leave his home this morning, this is what he saw. We believe it is some type of hawk. The bird didn’t seem afraid of him and allowed him to get pretty close. Chris said he seemed injured so he called animal control for help. When they showed up the hawk flew away. Hopefully it just needed a rest! Hawk2 Hawk3

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Listen to Donna White on the Radio speak about the Bug Club and overcoming your fears.

Donna Faucher White

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Our very own Donna White will be on the Radio on Sunday!

Listen to WCRN AM830 Sunday 7am-8am! I will be on the Radio promoting Ford’s Hometown Services, 15-40 Connection and the Hanover Theatre for the March 5 and 6th Event Cirque Eloize: Cirkopolis.  Listen for more details.

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We will be closed New Years Day.

All of us here at Ford’s Hometown Services would like to take the opportunity to wish you and your family a happy and safe new year. We thank all of our customers and employees for a wonderful 2013 and look forward to providing you the best service in 2014.

Ford's Hometown Services Group Photo

Ford’s Hometown Services Group Photo



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Happy Holidays!

We will be Closed Christmas Day December 25th and Thursday December 26th in celebration of Christmas.

From All of Us at Ford’s Hometown Services, we would like to wish you and your family a “Pest and Weed Free” holiday. May the creatures not stir and don’t forget to leave cookies out for the Guest of the Month, Santa. Happy Holidays!

Guest of the month

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Mice in the Holiday Decorations

We often get calls when customers bring out their holiday decorations and find mice droppings or mouse nests. To avoid this, put your holiday decorations in sealed containers. Never pack away edible decorations or wreaths with nuts or seeds as this gives mice a food source and can cause moths and beetles.


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