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My Child Ate A Bug, What Should I Do?

Eating Bugs “My child just ate a beetle.” “I think I swallowed a stinkbug.” “My kids were eating ants.” The poison center answers LOTS of calls about people who swallowed insects of all kinds. Callers don’t know whether to be … Continue reading

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Mud Wasps

I found these nests in my shed and thought many of you have probably seen them and wondered what they are. These nests are made by mud wasps. Mud wasps are solitary insects that will capture a spider or caterpillar, paralyze it, … Continue reading

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Bears Attacking Beehives In Leicester

A coworker (thanks Donna) forwarded this information from the Leicester Police Department and I felt it was important enough to pass along. To: All Leicester Residents and Businesses From: Chief Jim Hurley RE: Bear Activity in the Area Every year … Continue reading

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