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Meet our Staff

Meet Geoff Ford Vice President of Ford’s Hometown Services.  In 1978 Geoffrey joined his father to work in the pest control division, where he became manager in 1997. He worked under the careful eye of his father and when George was ready to … Continue reading

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Raining Rats? Turtleman Must Be Near.

My co-worker Donna ran into this video and shared it with the office. After viewing it, many of us could not believe how he handles a rat infestation and it seemed a little bit staged, but who knows? Click on this link … Continue reading

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Pest of the Month

PEST OF THE MONTH  Cockroaches  Cockroaches are one of the hardest insects for a homeowner to eradicate and a troubling reoccurrence in apartment buildings. The most common cockroach in homes, apartment buildings and businesses are German Cockroaches. One female can … Continue reading

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