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Footprints Give Rascal Raccoon an Identification

A customer has been getting calls in the middle of the night from their security company because the alarm kept going off. With nothing stolen and all doors locked they asked our professional wildlife technician to come check for animal activity. After inspecting the property, sawdust … Continue reading

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Our Very own Geoff Ford on Channel 3 Worcester News

Geoff Ford Appears on Channel 3 News Speaking on the effect this mild winter is having on the critters and insects.  

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Who’s has been eating my chocolate?

There are three times per year we experience an increase in mouse calls. The first is after Halloween when the mice get into the left over candy, the second is Christmastime when people find droppings and nests in the attic, … Continue reading

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What’s with the Squirrels?

Have you noticed that squirrels are very active right now? Ford’s Hometown Services sure has. For weeks now we have been inendated with calls for problem squirrels in homes and garages. It is squirrel mating season and some are now … Continue reading

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