Which Bugs Thrive In Moist Conditions..

Well we had severe drought conditions last year, but this year water is no problem. Some bugs get slowed down with the cool rains like wasps, bees and hornets but others thrive in the moist conditions. The nuisance moisture pests will probably be more prevalent this year compared to last year. Millipedes, ground beetles, fungus gnats, snails, springtails, earwigs and centipedes all fit this category.  They are happy to stay under leaf litter and mulch until it dries out and they search for other areas such as your garage or basement. Did your basement get wet? Well, wet wood invites Carpenter Ants, Termites and Wood Boring Beetles. It is important to dry out these areas and get a de-humidifier going as soon as possible. Reduce moist areas and keep your basement dry to prevent further damage. Want to stop these pests in their tracks, have a preventative spray soon. Serving all of central MA and surrounding towns. CALL TODAY 1-800-649-9992

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