Pest Alert: Roaches- But not the Bad Ones!


Every year we have panicked people come in worried sick because they have found a cockroach in the house. Surprisingly enough, there are types of cockroaches that are not a threat to the home. The two most popular ones around here are the Pennsylvania Woods Roach and the Mediterranean Cockroaches or Tawny cockroaches. These species of Roaches live outside, usually under the bark of trees or in your mulch or other such areas. They are attracted to light which is how they end up in your home. These species of  roaches do not get into our food, breed inside or even live very long indoors. They are considered a nuisance pest and very rarely need to be treated with pesticides. When inside you will find this roach walking around out in the open during the day. This is a tip that you have spotted a Woods Roach or Mediterranean Roach. Normally a German Cockroach (the kind you do worry about) would only be seen at night and shuns the light, scattering as soon as lights are turned on. So, please don’t panic! When in doubt, bring a sample of the insect to our office and we will be happy to let you know what you have found. Have an insect problem? Call us today 1-800-649-9992.


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