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Saw-Toothed Grain Beetle

  Have you ever opened a box of cereal, flour or rice and found bugs in it? Well, you are not alone. Bugs invade our food thereby contaminating it to the point of having to throw it away. The Saw-Toothed … Continue reading

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So what’s under the cup?

This cicada killer wasp! The person who found this was very curious to what it was so when he brought it in (it was already dead) he put it under the cup until he could get it identified. He took … Continue reading

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Don’t lift the cup!

A friend sent me this photo of a cup he saw at work with this written on it: Legal notice! Do not open without asking. It could scare you! Seriously! This was under the cup. A Cicada Killer Wasp  

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It’s Head Lice Time!

        Well, school in back in session and it is head lice season. Head lice are not something a pest control company will usually need to spray for because it is the host that needs treatment. It is best … Continue reading

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Bald-Faced Hornet’s Nest

              This bald-faced hornet’s nest posed a true threat to the family who had it treated. Bald Faced Hornets are very nasty and will defend their nests aggressively if they feel threatened. It is … Continue reading

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Fall is the BEST time to Seed & Aerate your lawn!

Aeration helps drought stress! The majority of root growth happens in the Fall. A deeper root system will help against Winter & drought stress, disease stress, increase water & nutrient efficiency, and aid in over all health. Fall is the … Continue reading

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A Unique Look at a Yellow Jacket Nest

          Well, this is a view many people will never get to see. Thanks to Steve Antoni our Pest Management Professional/photographer, we get a unique look up at the entrance of a yellow jacket nest. This … Continue reading

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American Giant Millipede

The American Giant Millipede is a large millipede of eastern North America. This big guy was found in Mendon MA by our technician Steve Antoni. These millipedes are known to reach a length of 4 inches. As you can see, once they are touched … Continue reading

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We are currently having phone issues…

Ford’s Hometown Services is currently experiencing problems with our phones. We are working hard to get them back online. Please feel free to contact us by email at: or message us through our Facebook page. We hope to have … Continue reading

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Nature is so cool!

Most people would walk right by this stick insect and never have the pleasure of seeing it. But Steve Antoni notices bugs right away. Then he enjoys photographing them and sometimes even holding them. It is just amazing how well this … Continue reading

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