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Pest of the Month Cockroach

Cockroaches Cockroaches are one of the hardest insects for a homeowner to eradicate and a troubling reoccurrence in apartment buildings. The most common cockroach in homes, apartment buildings and businesses are German Cockroaches. One female can carry an egg capsule … Continue reading

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Should You Plant Grass Seed in the Spring?

What is Wrong with Spring Seeding?  Spring seeding disadvantages Increased crabgrass Ground is cold Slower germination (8 weeks to maturity) Entering heat stress of summer Increased watering for a longer period of time (cost & labor) Increased broad-leaf weeds Less … Continue reading

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What’s Going on at Ford’s Hometown Services?

        Boy, are we excited to start showing off all of our hard work over the winter months. If you have ever stopped by our office to see all of our critters, you may recognize the cool … Continue reading

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Fall Aeration & Seeding Services   The majority of root growth occurs in the Fall. Therefore; the Fall is the best time to aerate a lawn.  A deeper root system will help against Winter, drought and disease stress. In addition; … Continue reading

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Your Lawn Has Snow Mold

Symptoms: Damage from snow mold fungi usually becomes apparent as the snow melts and exposes the grass in late winter. Snow mold symptoms consist of roughly circular patches (at least 3 to 12 inches) of dead and matted grass blades. … Continue reading

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PEST ALERT: Stinging Insects

Stinging insect nests are dangerous to treat for homeowners especially at this time of the year. The drones are now numerous and they are ready to attack and defend their nest with little to no provoking. Buying a can of spray to … Continue reading

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Lawn Alert: VIOLETS

Selective Herbicide for Violet Control What are violets? Violets are considered an annual in cool  season climates and a perennial in warmer climates. Perennial types have  rhizomes or long stolons, heart-shaped leaves on long petioles, and  purplish-white flowers; annual types … Continue reading

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What are Grubs? There are  over 150 species of beetles in the United States that have an immature or  larval stage called a grub, white grub, or grubworm. White grubs as a group  include the immature stages of the Japanese … Continue reading

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Who is afraid of spiders?

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Have a Happy & Healthy New Year!

All of us here at Ford’s Hometown Services would like to take the opportunity to wish you and your family a happy and safe new year.

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