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The  FHS  “Feed a Bee” initiative Ford’s Hometown Services has partnered with the Bayer CropScience in a major initiative called the “Feed a Bee” program to increase and promote the foraging of honey bees and other pollinators. The campaign’s goal is to create … Continue reading

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Ford’s Hometown Services Back yard Sweepstakes

We love giving back to our customers! This year all of our current customers are automatically entered into the FHS BACK YARD SWEEPSTAKES to win a FREE season of pest, lawn care, tick or mosquito control, valued up to $500.00. The winner … Continue reading

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We are open today!

Our office would usually be closed Presidents Day, but we had to closed our office for one of the snowstorms and decided to work today instead. So if you have any pest control needs or would like to talk about setting up … Continue reading

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Are You Nuts?

  Have you noticed that squirrels are very active right now? Ford’s Hometown Services sure has. For weeks now we have been inundated with calls for problem squirrels in homes and garages. It is squirrel mating season and some are … Continue reading

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Head Lice

At Ford’s Hometown Services, we often get walk-in’s with insects to be identified. This is a service we provide free of charge. This little pest was brought in for identification. Under a microscopic camera, it didn’t take long to identify the … Continue reading

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Pest of the Month, Snow?

Yes, this is New England and yes it snowed! That being said, even though it makes travel a pain, the snow can be so very beautiful. Please feel free to share a picture of the snow around your area. We … Continue reading

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Got Mice?

What is the most common thing that attracts rodents to your yard? Bird feeders are especially attractive to mice, chipmunks and squirrels. They will be more likely to breed close by and look for shelter near this food source. If … Continue reading

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Western Conifer Seed Bugs

Western Conifer Seed Bugs Do you have unwelcome company in your home in the form of the Western Conifer Seed But? You’re not alone. These little pests can be a huge source of frustration due to their persistence and their … Continue reading

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“Pest of the Month” BATS

Our very own “Batman” Leo Dupont and Bobby Ford worked together to rid a home of bats. Bats are not harmed during our exclusions. As you can see bat guano gets everywhere, causes staining and is very dangerous to breathe. Our … Continue reading

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Bed Bugs

Please do NOT feel embarrassed if you have bed bugs. Bed bugs have nothing to do with sanitation, nor are they associated with having a dirty home. You or anyone in your family can bring a pregnant female bed bug home from … Continue reading

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