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Our office will be closed Thursday January 4th due to snow

This message is to inform everyone that our office will be closed tomorrow, Thursday January 4th due to the forecast for heavy snow throughout the day.  We feel it’s best, as we care about everyone’s safety.  Have a pest and weed-free day!

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Yellow Jackets

      Our technician Steve Antoni is at it again. Steve takes the best photos of insects and critters and still manages to keep the customers happy and pest-free. It is getting to that time of the year again … Continue reading

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Which Bugs Thrive In Moist Conditions..

Well we had severe drought conditions last year, but this year water is no problem. Some bugs get slowed down with the cool rains like wasps, bees and hornets but others thrive in the moist conditions. The nuisance moisture pests will … Continue reading

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Infested, by Bob Ford

Did you ever wonder what the owners of a great pest control company do in their spare time? Well this is one way Bob Ford passes his time. Please enjoy!  

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Free Tick Control Estimate

 Tick Suppression Program One in four deer ticks carry LYME disease. There is an alarming increase of ticks in this area and only getting worse. With the rising health issues involving ticks and Lyme disease, we are confident you’re in good … Continue reading

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Thousands are looking for a home for the winter.

  As the cooler weather is upon us there are a few housekeeping chores you may not have considered. Mice, lady bugs, western conifer seed bugs, stink bugs,spiders and many more insects seek the comfort of your home to overwinter … Continue reading

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Don’t Let your Next Outdoor Function Bite!

    The mosquitoes and ticks are hungry for your blood. With these blood-thirsty critters buzzing around and lurking in the lawn, it makes it very difficult to enjoy your yard . Now is the time to protect Your Family & Pets from Ticks … Continue reading

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This is a great prank to do!

This would be a great prank to do in an office. Especially where people are scared of creepy crawly bugs.

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Carpenter Ants

                Carpenter Ants can be black or combination of red and black or red and brown. Workers vary in size and can range from ¼ to ½ inch and the queens range from … Continue reading

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The Road of Life is Paved with Flat Squirrels..

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