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Small Flies in the Home During Winter

We receive many calls from homeowners during the winter who become frustrated with small flies. Most often these flies are fungus gnats or fruit flies. These flies lay hundreds of eggs at a time and can become an “infestation” overnight. … Continue reading

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Do you see large slow-moving flies around your windows?

CLUSTER FLY  The adult cluster fly will enter into homes to over winter.  In suburbs, older country homes become more vulnerable to the invasion.  As the winter warms into spring, these large sluggish flies appear mostly around windows to look for … Continue reading

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2017 Award for Excellence in Customer Service!

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Our Holiday Office Hours

We will be Closed Friday December 23rd, Saturday December 24th, Sunday the 25th and Monday December 26th to allow our employees time to celebrate the holidays with their family and friends. From All of Us at Ford’s Hometown Services, we would like to wish you … Continue reading

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Mice Can Enjoy Christmas Too, if you are Not Careful!

This time of the year we often get calls from customers who have brought out their holiday decorations and have found mice droppings or mouse nests inside them. To avoid this, place your holiday decorations in heavy sealed containers, not cardboard boxes. Never … Continue reading

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The Mice are on the Move!

Mice Mice contaminate our crops and spread various diseases by biting us and leaving urine and feces on surfaces. They can also introduce fleas, carry ticks infected with Lyme Disease and carry an assortment of mites. Mice also carry Hantavirus, … Continue reading

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Alert: Stinging Insect Nests

Stinging insect nests are dangerous to treat for homeowners especially at this time of the year. The drones are now numerous and they are ready to attack and defend their nest with little to no provoking. Buying a can of spray to … Continue reading

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Looking for a fun project for your kids?

I ran across this great idea from the National Pest Management Association to keep the kids busy and may also help you find conditions that are drawing insect to your home. IPM Scavenger Hunt By Missy Henriksen– National Pest Management Association Tuesday, June 11, 2013 … Continue reading

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Don’t bring home Bedbugs!

PROTECT YOURSELF FROM BEDBUGS WHILE TRAVELING Before booking a hotel room, you may want to read user reviews of the particular hotel and location — frequently, guests who’ve had bug problems report them online. Bear in mind that a report … Continue reading

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Are you traveling anytime soon? Better stop by our office and pick up some travel spray!

SALE ON OUR BEDBUG TRAVEL SPRAY . BUY 3OZ CAN $6.50 & GET THE 2ND 1/2 OFF!                        Going on Vacation this summer?                   Before you enter a rental home or hotel room,            ALWAYS protect your belongings and your luggage 1st ! … Continue reading

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