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Do you see large slow-moving flies around your windows?

CLUSTER FLY  The adult cluster fly will enter into homes to over winter.  In suburbs, older country homes become more vulnerable to the invasion.  As the winter warms into spring, these large sluggish flies appear mostly around windows to look for … Continue reading

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Mice Can Enjoy Christmas Too, if you are Not Careful!

This time of the year we often get calls from customers who have brought out their holiday decorations and have found mice droppings or mouse nests inside them. To avoid this, place your holiday decorations in heavy sealed containers, not cardboard boxes. Never … Continue reading

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But I only have one mouse…

That statement is highly unlikely considering a female house mouse gives birth to around 6 young about 19 days after mating. She is ready to mate again in two days. She can produce 6 to 10 litters a year. Each of her … Continue reading

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