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Pest of the Month Cockroach

Cockroaches Cockroaches are one of the hardest insects for a homeowner to eradicate and a troubling reoccurrence in apartment buildings. The most common cockroach in homes, apartment buildings and businesses are German Cockroaches. One female can carry an egg capsule … Continue reading

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Saw-Toothed Grain Beetle

  Have you ever opened a box of cereal, flour or rice and found bugs in it? Well, you are not alone. Bugs invade our food thereby contaminating it to the point of having to throw it away. The Saw-Toothed … Continue reading

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More Great Photos of Cicada Killer Wasps and Their Mounds

            Tis the season for Cicada Killer Wasps. You can see from the photo they can really make your patio area a mess by digging out their solitary nests.  Although they are not aggressive, they can … Continue reading

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      Fleas are a pest you will find indoors and out in your yard. They hop on and hitch a ride feeding on the blood of your pet. Once fed, the flea will lay hundreds of eggs (50 … Continue reading

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Are Moles & Voles Wrecking Your Lawn?

        Moles:  Moles are insectivores that feed on insects, grubs, and mainly earthworms. Moles are underground dwellers. Voles:  Voles are vegetarians that mainly feed on berry bearing trees, shrubs, and birdfeeder droppings. Voles will leave runs on … Continue reading

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Video of Live Termites

Take a look at what our termite crew caught on tape today. You can see the mud tubes and worker termites moving within the wood.  Are you being bugged? Call today 1-800-649-9992

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It’s Cold Outside!

Man it is cold out, let me in. If wildlife could speak we are pretty sure that is what they would say. We are getting many calls for wildlife removal, especially squirrels chewing their way into homes through eaves and … Continue reading

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Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants Carpenter ants can be black or combination of red and black or red and brown. Workers vary in size and can range from ¼ to ½ inch and the queens range from ½ to 5/8 inch. These ants … Continue reading

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