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Bald-Faced Hornet’s Nest

              This bald-faced hornet’s nest posed a true threat to the family who had it treated. Bald Faced Hornets are very nasty and will defend their nests aggressively if they feel threatened. It is … Continue reading

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American Giant Millipede

The American Giant Millipede is a large millipede of eastern North America. This big guy was found in Mendon MA by our technician Steve Antoni. These millipedes are known to reach a length of 4 inches. As you can see, once they are touched … Continue reading

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Pest Alert: Stinging Insects

          There is a certain time of the year when it becomes dangerous for homeowners to attempt to treat nests of stinging insects. Now is that time! Due to the size of the nests this time … Continue reading

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Are Moles & Voles Wrecking Your Lawn?

        Moles:  Moles are insectivores that feed on insects, grubs, and mainly earthworms. Moles are underground dwellers. Voles:  Voles are vegetarians that mainly feed on berry bearing trees, shrubs, and birdfeeder droppings. Voles will leave runs on … Continue reading

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Should You Plant Grass Seed in the Spring?

What is Wrong with Spring Seeding?  Spring seeding disadvantages Increased crabgrass Ground is cold Slower germination (8 weeks to maturity) Entering heat stress of summer Increased watering for a longer period of time (cost & labor) Increased broad-leaf weeds Less … Continue reading

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What’s Going on at Ford’s Hometown Services?

        Boy, are we excited to start showing off all of our hard work over the winter months. If you have ever stopped by our office to see all of our critters, you may recognize the cool … Continue reading

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Western Conifer Seed Bugs

Western Conifer Seed Bugs Do you have unwelcome company in your home in the form of the Western Conifer Seed But? You’re not alone. These little pests can be a huge source of frustration due to their persistence and their … Continue reading

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Are Bats Driving you, well, Batty?

                                  Your Environmental Pest and Turf Professionals Are Nuisance Bats and Birds Driving You, Well, Batty? Are bats the latest unwelcome visitor in your home or office building? Are bat and bird droppings causing you to worry about your health, … Continue reading

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Do you have Termites or Winged Ants?

Now that the warmer weather is finally here, you may encounter a “swarm” of insects inside or outside of your home. Both ants and termites will produce reproductives with wings to ensure the survival of the colony. The act of … Continue reading

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Up to 30% off Pre-season Special

Are you thinking about your lawn yet? Well now is the best time because we are running a special for all new customers. Now through March 15th 2016 we are giving the BEST discounts ever. Are you sick of lugging heavy … Continue reading

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