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Not a Creature Was Stirring…

This time of the year we often get calls from customers who have brought out their holiday decorations and have found mice droppings or mouse nests inside them. To avoid this, place your holiday decorations in heavy sealed containers, not cardboard boxes. Never … Continue reading

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Squirrels are Just Nuts!

Have you noticed that squirrels are very active right now? Ford’s Hometown Services sure has. For weeks now we have been inundated with calls for problem squirrels in homes and garages. It is squirrel mating season and some are now … Continue reading

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Thank You to Those Who Fight for Our Freedom!

Ford’s Hometown Services would like to say thank you to those who stand tall and fight for our Freedom. Happy Veteran’s Day!

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Fluctuating Temperatures Tell the Insects it is Time to Overwinter

As the cooler weather is upon us there are a few housekeeping chores you may not have considered. Mice, lady bugs, western conifer seed bugs, stink bugs,spiders and many more insects seek the comfort of your home to overwinter during … Continue reading

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We Welcome You to Our Office.

Last winter our front office door shattered due to ice getting jammed in the door frame. We finally got it repaired and also upgraded our glass to make the office more energy efficient. We are very pleased with the results. … Continue reading

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Happy Friday! From your friends at Ford’s Hometown Services!

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Dutch police recruit rodents to rat on criminals

Nicolas DELAUNAYSeptember 26, 2013 3:32 AM . Rotterdam (Netherlands) (AFP) – The latest species to join Dutch police is hard at work behind the blacked-out windows of a building in Rotterdam: rats learning to sniff out crime and a new … Continue reading

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