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Here at Ford’s Hometown Services we provide what we consider to be preventative pest service. Meaning we don’t wait till you have a problem to address it. Our services for mice start in August because we know that mice will soon … Continue reading

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                  We are getting many calls for wildlife removal, especially squirrels chewing their way into homes through eaves and into the attic. During the winter we are always treating for mice inside homes … Continue reading

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American Giant Millipede

The American Giant Millipede is a large millipede of eastern North America. This big guy was found in Mendon MA by our technician Steve Antoni. These millipedes are known to reach a length of 4 inches. As you can see, once they are touched … Continue reading

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The Only Carpenters Who Will Work For Free! Carpenter Ants

                Carpenter Ants can be black or combination of red and black or red and brown. Workers vary in size and can range from ¼ to ½ inch and the queens range from … Continue reading

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Be on the lookout, it’s termite swarming time!

It is termite swarming season. For the next few weeks termites will be appearing in basements and yards. It may be your only chance to discover you have termites. This group of termites was brought in by a local homeowner … Continue reading

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My dog shaming daily calander for March 15th

It says , “my name is Jasmine, today I learned mousetraps are not puppy toys, Ouch” p.s. Now I won’t even go in the kitchen and I love food!

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Bed Bugs

Please do NOT feel embarrassed if you have bed bugs. Bed bugs have nothing to do with sanitation, nor are they associated with having a dirty home. You or anyone in your family can bring a pregnant female bed bug home from … Continue reading

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Bugs Move in for the Winter

As the temperatures start to get cooler in the evenings, the insects and mice start to find a place to overwinter so there are a few housekeeping chores you need to attend to that you may not have considered. Mice, lady bugs, western … Continue reading

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Reminder to bee-aware

This nest is a danger to anyone who crosses its path. It is blended in with the stones around it and would be very difficult to see. If a person was to get to close several baldface hornets would fly … Continue reading

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Too Cute for Words!

Our very brave Rheanna is always happy to handle our insects and reptiles and just loved the brand new baby snakes!  Most people go running from snakes, but not Rheanna.

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