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We Are Open On Monday January 15th

Hello All! We will be open on Monday for any of your Pest Control, Wildlife or Retail Product needs. Please stop by or call if you are beeing bugged 1-800-649-9992.

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Pest of the Month Bats

Ford’s Hometown Services takes every effort to be sure bats are not harmed during our exclusions. When a colony of bats moves into an attic, bat guano gets everywhere, causes staining and is very dangerous to breathe. Our goal in the  exclusion of bats is … Continue reading

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Don’t lift the cup!

A friend sent me this photo of a cup he saw at work with this written on it: Legal notice! Do not open without asking. It could scare you! Seriously! This was under the cup. A Cicada Killer Wasp  

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We are open today!

Our office would usually be closed Presidents Day, but we had to closed our office for one of the snowstorms and decided to work today instead. So if you have any pest control needs or would like to talk about setting up … Continue reading

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Head Lice

At Ford’s Hometown Services, we often get walk-in’s with insects to be identified. This is a service we provide free of charge. This little pest was brought in for identification. Under a microscopic camera, it didn’t take long to identify the … Continue reading

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Pest of the Month, Snow?

Yes, this is New England and yes it snowed! That being said, even though it makes travel a pain, the snow can be so very beautiful. Please feel free to share a picture of the snow around your area. We … Continue reading

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The Mice are on the Move!

Mice Mice contaminate our crops and spread various diseases by biting us and leaving urine and feces on surfaces. They can also introduce fleas, carry ticks infected with Lyme Disease and carry an assortment of mites. Mice also carry Hantavirus, … Continue reading

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Happy Friday Everyone!

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Your Lawn Has Snow Mold

Symptoms: Damage from snow mold fungi usually becomes apparent as the snow melts and exposes the grass in late winter. Snow mold symptoms consist of roughly circular patches (at least 3 to 12 inches) of dead and matted grass blades. … Continue reading

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PEST OF THE MONTH Eastern Subterranean Termites As their name indicates the type of termites we deal with in New England are Subterranean and are typically moving around in the soil. Termites are an important part of recycling in the environment … Continue reading

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