Selective Herbicide for Sedge Grasses

What is sedge?
Sedge is a perennial plant. There are two types, yellow and purple. These infectious plants are spread by air borne seeds or underground tubers formed at the ends of whitish rhizomes. You can identify this weed by rolling the stem between your fingers. The stem has a triangular shape. It also will emerge late in the spring as a lime colored green and grows faster than the intended grass around it. It is most commonly found in swampy soils or wet lands. When your lawn was installed it may have come in with the loam or deposited by seed eating birds.

It is a nasty and difficult weed (monocot) to suppress. Our fertilizing programs will not control this weed. This requires a special selective herbicide (Halosulfuron-methyl also known as Sedgehammer). We recommend this additional service before it rapidly spreads throughout the lawn.

We recommend a minimum of (2) two services approximately 4-6 weeks apart. It may require additional services. Do not mow lawn for two days before and after application.


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