Seeding Expectations

There are several ways to fill in your lawn with our optional seeding services. It is important for our customers to understand the differences between our optional seeding services and what to expect for results.

A property that is very bare has open soil exposed, and needs immediate filling in should have our slice seeding. Slice-seeding vertically cuts the soil open as it drops the seed. This equipment is calibrated to best suite the area treated, based on sun or shade. This is our best seeding service because it distributes seed every square inch and will fill in the lawn in the quickest time possible. Based on your conversation with our sales person, it will be determined based on budget or history if your need for aeration with the slice seeding is recommended.

If you have a thin lawn with few bare areas and need to thicken the lawn, our over seeding is recommended. In order to have seed to soil contact we must recommend our core aeration first. After aerating, the lawn is over seeded and the seed will drop into the holes created by the aerator. This is an inexpensive way to fill in a lawn, but because the holes are spaced four inches apart it may take a couple of years to mature and spread.

We do not warranty any of our seeding services due to customer watering, traffic, shade, & mowing expectations.


You must follow the proper watering instructions exactly. The seed must be kept moist at all times until matured, which can take up to one month in the fall and up to eight weeks in the spring. A minimum watering schedule of twice daily is recommended. It will take about two weeks for fall germination. Do not allow the seed to dry out even once due to its vulnerability or it may die. With proper watering you will be able to see very fine immature grass. One watering a day should be sufficient at this time. It is at this stage you must nurture the lawn to maturity, which is normally after the third mowing.

You will experience broadleaf weeds germinating with the seed. This is to be expected because of the soil disruption caused by the machines. With our fertilizing program we can easily eliminate them after the lawn has matured, or in most cases the following spring.

If you have areas that are shaded, results will be impaired. You will experience germination, but the grass requiring sunlight for photosynthesis will eventually die from starvation or remain very thin. This will occur even with a shady seed mix. Shady seed cultivars grow slower and tend to do better than sunny grass species. We recommend that you prune or remove trees prior to seeding.

We do not recommend spring seeding, due to weed seed competition and slow germination. We can provide advantages for fall seeding over spring seeding upon request.

We do not alter the grade of the land unless it has been arranged separately from the seeding with the salesperson.

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