Fly Catchers
Contains 4 tubes, 1 ribbon per tube, No poisons, No vapors.

Bring to room temperature pull cord and secure with the thumbtack that is included. Replace when the strip is full.

Insect Monitors
3 per board

Not sure what you’ve got on your hands? Set up an insect monitor to trap some of your creepy-crawlies so you can begin treatment. These small glue boards can be placed discreetly around your home or business to trap any insects that might be around for identification and eradication. One of the best methods of removing spiders from homes, these monitors are IPM-approved and completely non-toxic, making them safe for any environment.

Snake Away
4 lb bag of snake repelling granules

Using gloves, apply in bands surrounding the area to be protected. Bands should be around 4-5 inches wide. Reapply when the smell dissipates or after heavy rains. Do not use in areas where snakes are already present. Do not use near water supplies, ponds, pools or streams.