Tick Management in worcester, massachusetts

Tick Management in worcester, massachusetts

Ford’s Hometown Services introduces our exciting newly designed tick program, offering your family and pets the best tick protection possible! We are now offering both chemical and organic certified tick services for worcester, massachusetts. Also, both programs are proven to repel fleas, ants, spiders, mosquitoes, and other biting insects. One in four ticks carry Lyme Disease. With the rising health issues involving ticks and Lyme Disease we are confident you’re in good hands.

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Tick Suppression Programs in worcester, massachusetts

Our trained applicators will begin with a Blanket Spray that will kill ticks present on the property in worcester, massachusetts! We will focus on lawn areas, planting beds, and walls where ticks are likely to be found. Also, we will spray up to 10 feet in and 3 feet high into the surrounding borders (if applicable) to further your insect protection. Then on each scheduled return visit we will spray all borders again to kill and repel them. Also, both services are proven to repel fleas, ants, spiders, mosquitoes and other biting insects.

Option One: Knock-em Out Spray Program
Our trained and licensed pesticide applicators can apply an insecticide spray. This service provides a rapid knockdown/kill and residual protection. A minimum of four (4) treatments annually is recommended through the season. Spring, late Spring, Fall, and late Fall.

  • Initial Full Blanket plus Boarder Spray
  • Boarder Spray Only (May–June)
  • Boarder Spray Only (September)
  • Boarder Spray Only (October–November)

Option Two: The Organic Green Alternative Program
The Green alternative! we are proud to be USDA National Organic program compliant. Safe for children and pets! we use all natural botanical rosemary & peppermint oils. This service also provides a rapid knockdown/kill but with a shorter residual protection. Although safer, this program may require more services for equal protection with an additional charge.

  • Initial Full Blanket plus Boarder Spray
  • Boarder Spray with Granular (May–June)
  • Boarder Spray Only (September)
  • Boarder Spray with Granular (October–November)

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