Termite SwarmersThe Eastern Subterranean termite has four social members of its colony: King, Queen, Solider, and Worker. The worker looks like a small maggot, which is responsible for feeding all members of its colony and causes millions of dollars worth of termite damage each year.  Swarmers (Kings & Queens) emerge in March or May to propagate the species.  These members look like small black flying ants. Swarmers will shed their wings before mating so keep a close eye out for wings all over your basement floor.  On average, a termite colony may contain as many as one million members.  They are mostly dormant during the winter and will retreat below the frost line for shelter.  Worker termites may construct mud tubes, which are used as transit runways to breach adverse conditions and to transport food (cellulose).  One sixteen inch is all that is needed to enter your home from sub-grade level.  Are you beeing bugged? Call Today 1-800-649-9992

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