Moles and Voles

Moles and Voles


Moles are insectivores that feed on insects, grubs, and mainly earthworms. Moles are underground dwellers.

Voles are vegetarians that mainly feed on berry-bearing trees, shrubs, plant bulbs and bird feeder seeds that fall to the ground. Voles will leave runs on the surface of the grass areas and sometimes dig tunnels.

If open-end tunnels are witnessed you may have voles rather than moles. Voles are treated differently with grain baits. Our technicians will determine which animal it may be and bait appropriately.

We offer a mole control baiting. Due to the unpredictable outcome of baiting, and due to the moles feeding habits, we are unable to offer any warranty on this service. It has about a 70% success rate. One trip is usually all that is required unless there are multiple moles or there is continues pressure from wooded areas surrounding the property.  Multiple trips to the property to re-bait are at a discounted price if needed. FHS offers price protection contracts for high-pressured properties.

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