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Have you ever wondered what attract rodents to your yard?

Sep 17, 2020 | Rodents

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What are the most common things that attract rodents to your yard?

Bird seed from bird feeders are especially attractive to mice, chipmunks and squirrels. Once a good food source is found, rodents will need shelter and what better shelter than your home, garage or shed? Chipmunks and gray squirrels will be more likely to breed close by and look for shelter near this food source. So should you stop feeding the birds? No, but try to use a catch tray to keep seed from reaching the ground or frequently rake up and clean any seed that has fallen to the ground. Remember, even if mice are not hungry, they are constantly collecting and storing the seeds and nuts for winter food. Some of these hordes of food can cause secondary infestations of meal moths and grain beetles.

We have also noticed in the past 5 years that more and more residential homeowners are raising chickens which can draw not only mice but also rats into your neighborhood. Nut trees, berry bushes, and veggie gardens will also give rodents and wildlife a good food source to pilfer.
Now that temperatures are fluctuating, it is like a signal to mice and insects to find a suitable place to spend the cold winter. Now is the time to keep the population from exploding.

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