Ford's Hometown Services takes every effort to be sure bats are not harmed during our exclusions. When a colony of bats moves into an attic, bat guano gets everywhere, causes staining and can be very dangerous to inhale. Our goal in the  exclusion of bats is to allow them to safely get out of the home and not be able to get back inside. Exclusions are timed carefully to be sure the young are old enough to fly so they won't get left behind. Bats are the nocturnal exterminators of the world and have a tendency to get a bad rap through horror movies and misinformation. We love bats, but they can cause damage when they set up their colony in a home.  Bat houses can be a great way to attract bats but keep them out of the home.

Sometimes you can have a “bat break-in” which is when a rogue bat gets into the living space of your home. The bat does not want to be inside any more than you want it inside. Try trapping the bat in one room and open any windows or doors. Once the bat feels the air they will fly towards it to escape. Bats are a very important part of our ecosystem and our wildlife staff is ready to safely evict a bat or a whole colony of bats from your home or business.

For more info on our bat services or inspections, call today 1-800-649-9992.

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