Almost anyone who has bought or sold a home has to have a pest inspection (or WDI wood destroying insect inspection) performed to see if there are any active insect issues in the home. This is a very important step that requires only the best and most experienced inspectors to perform. You are risking buying a termite or carpenter ant riddled home without a proper inspection. Ford’s Hometown Services can exterminate to rid the home of any trouble insects. The damage the insects have caused is another sometimes very expensive issue.  We at Ford’s Hometown Services take these pest inspections very seriously.

A thorough inspection can give you peace of mind that your new home is free of any wood-chomping pests.You don’t have to wait until you are selling your home to have a pest inspection, we can inspect your home at anytime. As George Ford would say, “it is always summer in your home Ms. Jones.”

Call today for an estimate for a thorough pest inspection 1-800-649-9992 and dial extension 101.


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