Time to Decorate for the Holiday’s

Many of us are getting ready to decorate the house for the holidays. If you store your decorations in the attic, it is a good time to take a good look around the attic for signs of insect, wildlife, rodents and bat and bird activity. You may notice anything from dead or live insects, gnawed wood or disturbed insulation to droppings or the smell of urine. The longer boxes remain undisturbed the better the chance that a mouse or small animal would make a nest inside. If you find droppings and need to know what animal made them, take a photo (preferably with a penny or quarter in it for scale) and email it to our office. Our wildlife specialists can identify your specimen and we can devise a plan to eradicate your issue no matter how big or small.

The more time that goes by with an infestation unnoticed, the more time and money it can cost to fix all the issues vermin can cause. So it is important to catch these problems before they get so bad that wood or insulation needs to be removed and replaced due to damage and odors. From sawdust to droppings, we can eradicate and evict your unwanted guests.

Our pest professionals are ready to inspect and treat your home and they are ever vigilant on your safety by wearing masks and using proper sanitation practices. Your safety is of the utmost importance to Ford’s Hometown Services.

We can help with any of these issues or you can schedule one of our skilled inspectors to come and thoroughly inspect your attic or basement for any signs of trouble. Call today 1-800-649-9992.



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