Rodent Removal

How do you get rid of mice for good?

Mice are always going to be a naturally occuring rodent so the threat is always there. Ford’s Hometown Services provides a preventative pest program  which stays ahead of the mouse population so you don’t have an explosion of mice. Although a one-time service can reduce the population of mice it will not give you the relief that a regular pest management plan will. The only way to get rid of mice is to block their entry into the home. Steel wool and expandable foam are great tools to block any holes they might be using to get into your home. Homes with attached garages and fieldstone foundations tend to have enough holes and gaps that mice gain entry. There are so many small holes that mice will use to get inside. Many times if you block one hole, they will find or chew another hole. Always keep traps set and never think they are gone.

Mice tend to enter at ground level and then follow pipes and wires from one floor to the next. Those areas are key to block and stop mice from traveling inside your walls. When setting traps or bait stations, the basement and attic are two key areas to treat. Remember, mice pee and leave their droppings everywhere they walk. Gross!

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