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When you work hard on your lawn and flower beds, there’s nothing more frustrating than seeing all of that effort destroyed by a mole. These small, burrowing insectivores can ruin a yard in a matter of days. In fact they can dig up to 18 feet per hour! Learn the tell-tale signs to identify if you have mole activity, and what to do to protect your yard.

Common Signs of Mole Activity

Moles have poorly developed eyesight and rely on a sense of touch to explore. They have long, sensitive snouts which are six times more sensitive to touch than the human hand. They also have long, curved front paws and claws that dig like shovels, allowing them to easily create tunnels in your yard.

Although you might think moles are regarded as rodents, these creatures are actually insectivores. This means they primarily eat earthworms, insects, and grubs. During their burrowing, they often detach plant roots, which damages the grass and allows weeds to grow instead. While you don’t always see these small, gray-brown mammals themselves, you can easily spot their damage, which includes:

  • Criss-crossing raised ridges across your yard
  • Discolored areas or areas with dead grass
  • Raised mounds of dirt that mark the entrance or exits of molehills
  • Loose or squishy soil in areas of your yard

Protect Your Yard from Moles

Since moles live underground they can be hard to prevent, but there are some steps you can take to make your yard less of an attraction.

  • Eliminate grubs: Getting rid of grubs not only helps to keep moles at bay, but you’ll also help improve the look and health of your lawn as well.
  • Don’t overwater: Moles, and their food source earthworms, like soft, damp soil. Try to avoid over-watering your lawn to limit earthworm activity, which makes it less desirable to moles.
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Call in the Professionals

If you think you have moles, it’s important to contact a professional pest control company like Ford’s Hometown Services. Typically, one visit is all that is required to administer a mole control bait. It is important to note, that due to the unpredictability of baiting and moles feeding habits, we typically have about a 70% success rate. If additional visits are required, we offer half price for re-baiting.

Call Ford’s Hometown Services at 800-649-9992 or get a quote online and evict those moles!

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