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Everyone knows prevention is the best medicine. But did you know that saying applies to pest protection, as well? While you might not think to call an exterminator until you have a real problem on your hands, the most effective way to protect your home from the invasion of pests is with a preventative pest plan.

3 Reasons Preventative Pest Plans Pay Off

Protecting your family from disease is the main reason to take pest control seriously. With preventative plans, that defense is baked into year-round maintenance. You won’t be surprised by an unexpected infestation. Instead, you’ll be assured you’re doing your part to keep your family safe. Here are three reasons why a preventive plan is a smart investment:

1. Focuses on the season. Each season brings with it unique pest issues. From mice in fall to ants in the summer, staying on top of pest issues year-round takes time and effort. Preventive pest control provides strategically timed treatments and proper placement to prevent insects from entering your home. Targeting treatments when particular pests are most likely to become a problem helps you stay ahead of the game.

2. Guards your property. Pests like termites can do real damage to homes. Preventative monitoring keeps you ahead of these invaders. With Ford’s Hometown Service’s Ultimate Plan, we also install termite monitoring stakes discretely around the foundation of your home. Your technician will inspect the stakes regularly and discuss treatment options with you if they discover activity. We also now offer a Fall Invader Protection Program as a discounted add-on to an existing Ultimate Plan or as a standalone single application. This will protect against conifer seed bugs, stink bugs, ladybugs, boxelder bugs, and cluster flies.

3. Eliminates the need for extra protection. You won’t have to worry about a sudden infestation of ants in the summer or mice in the winter. In addition, our Ultimate Plan also provides two free emergency visits to ensure you are fully protected.

Preventative pest plans deliver peace of mind for homeowners. You can rest assured that a professional pest control company like Ford’s Hometown Services will target treatments appropriately to keep your family and your home from New England’s most common invaders, such as ants, spiders, centipedes, and earwigs. In addition, our Ultimate Plan includes termite monitoring, mouse control, and structural wasp/hornet nest control.



Get Year-round Professional Protection  

Adding preventive pest protection to your Fall to-do list just makes sense. As mice and other pests begin looking for places to go as the nights get cooler, make sure your home isn’t an option. Ford’s Hometown Services and our fully-licensed technicians are the ideal partners to create an effective pest maintenance strategy. Contact us today at 800-649-9992 or request an instant quote online.

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