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Mice aren’t necessarily the scariest pest out there, yet nothing makes you squirm quite like the thought of mice running around your home or business. Most people are immediately upset by the discovery of a mouse and disgusted at the mess they leave behind. If you find your residence has been invaded by mice, know that you are not alone. According to PestWorld, mice and other rodents invade an estimated 21 million homes in the United States each winter. Don’t panic, instead follow these simple steps to deal with any current infestation and invest in mice prevention to protect your home and family.

What To Do If You Find a Mouse in Your House (or Business) 

Whether you see a mouse or the telltale signs of a mouse, such as dropping or gnaw marks, it’s important to act quickly for a number of reasons:

  • Mice carry disease. Mouse droppings and urine can cause serious illnesses in people, such as salmonella and Hantavirus.
  • Mice wreak havoc in the walls. The constant gnawing from mice can cause extensive damage to a home or business. In fact, they are known to be a fire risk as they like to gnaw on wiring covered with insulation.
  • Mice multiply, quickly. Thanks to their short gestation period of just about three weeks, one mouse can give birth to five or six babies and a typical female mouse can give birth between five and 10 litters per year.

If you discover signs of mice, or see a mouse in your home or business, it’s best to call in a pest control professional like Ford’s Hometown Services to take care of the problem quickly and effectively. You might be tempted to try to get rid of the issue on your own, but even if you catch a few mice, the problem typically gets worse. From not setting the traps correctly to not addressing the different entry points, DIY mice control doesn’t typically give you the long-term solution you need.

3 Tips for Mouse Prevention 

Once you have dealt with the current infestation, or if you’re looking to prevent an infestation in the first place, follow these tips to make your home or business less attractive to mice:

  1. Eliminate food sources. A tidy kitchen is one of the best offenses for mice prevention. Keep your kitchen counters clean and don’t leave dishes in the sink. Sweep up any crumbs on the floor. And, be sure to store any food that may be out–including dog food–in containers with lids.
  2. Eliminate entry points. Mice can squeeze into your home or business through an opening the size of a dime. Check windows and screens and fix any small gaps you may uncover. It’s also crucial to check the areas where pipes come into your home, such as dryer vents.
  3. Eliminate outdoor areas of refuge. Mice tend to live in places outdoors that help keep them warm, such as wood piles, areas with debris, or in heavy vegetation. Make sure to keep wood piles away from your home, clean up any areas with garbage or debris, and trim back shrubs.

Unfortunately, even with these efforts in place, mice can still find their way into even your home or business. The best way to prevent mice year-round is to work with a professional exterminator like Ford’s Hometown Services and take advantage of our Ultimate Plan. It’s a premier program that keeps your home protected through every season. With strategically timed exterior treatments and an interior mouse control treatment, it’s the best way to ensure your home is truly protected.


Hire a Pest Control Professional

At the end of the day, mice aren’t just a nuisance. They are dangerous and destructive. Don’t take chances with your home or business. Mice control is a specialty of Ford’s Hometown Services. Whether you need residential or commercial protection, we’ve got you covered. We’ve been helping residents and businesses in Greater Worcester protect their properties from mice for eight decades. Call 800-649-9992 or get a quote today.

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