Stop Crabgrass in Its Tracks: The 4 Top Professional Tips for Effective Prevention

Do you dread the sight of crabgrass invading your Central Massachusetts lawn? You're not alone if you're having trouble with this pesky weed.

Crabgrass can be difficult to control, but with the right products and timing, you can prevent it from taking over your lawn. In this post, we'll discuss some of the top professional products for the effective prevention of crabgrass.

1. Timing is Key to Crabgrass Control

The key to the successful prevention of crabgrass is the timing of preventative applications.

Annual Crabgrass preventers only work before the emergence of crabgrass seedlings and they must be applied before the new germination of crabgrass seeds. When soil temperatures warm up in early spring the annual seeds produced from last season’s crabgrass begin to germinate and can continue sporadically until late summer as conditions favor. Early application before germination is the best method of control.

That’s why it's essential to use pre-emergence herbicides at the right time for successful prevention. Knowing when to apply and educating yourself on how to utilize these products correctly are essential steps to ensure maximum is always recommended to rake your lawn first before applying this ground residual barrier. Raking after an application will break this 8-12 week barrier of control.

2. Post-Emergent Herbicides Will Help Too

If you already have crabgrass growing in your lawn, post-emergent herbicides can be used to control or kill it. These products work by attacking the weed's roots or blocking sunlight which can starve the plant of photosynthesis, preventing it from growing.

Post-emergent herbicides are not a great option, but more of an emergency treatment. Depending on the product, some are best used when the crabgrass is still in its young stage and others best in full maturity stages. Quinclorac is an example of a post-emergent herbicide for crabgrass control, but it’s critical to use the product carefully for the best outcome. This is a very difficult and slow process of control and can easily discolor turf surrounding it. (That’s why we highly recommend professional lawn care.)

3. Lawn Care Services reduces Crabgrass Growth

If you're having trouble controlling crabgrass on your Central Massachusetts lawn, professional lawn care services can help. These services can help you identify the best treatment plan for your lawn based on factors such as grass type, soil type, watering practices and climate.

They can also provide regular lawn maintenance, monitor to ensure effective crabgrass control, and use professional products that last longer than DIY solutions. Ford's Hometown Services is ready to help you with all of your lawn care needs.

4. Practice Proper Lawn Maintenance

Finally, one of the most effective ways to control crabgrass is by practicing proper lawn maintenance to promote competition . This includes mowing your lawn regularly at a tall height of 3”, watering your lawn deeply but infrequently (especially on hot spots and edges by driveways) and fertilizing your lawn at the right time. By keeping your Central Massachusetts lawn healthy and strong, you'll be able to control crabgrass from taking over.


Prevent The Spread of Crabgrass

Crabgrass is a common problem in Central Massachusetts, but it can be effectively controlled with the right products, timing, and lawn care practices. Consider using pre-emergent herbicides in the early spring, post-emergent herbicides for existing crabgrass, professional lawn care services, and proper lawn maintenance to prevent the spread of crabgrass. By using these tips, you'll be on your way to a healthier, more beautiful lawn.

And for crabgrass control in Central Massachusetts, get an instant quote from the experts at Ford’s Hometown Services!

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