The Itsy Bitsy Spider. While enjoyable as a preschool rhyme, when spiders are in your home it’s anything but fun. There is no question that spiders play a key role in our ecosystem, particularly when it comes to controlling the insect population. Even knowing that, most people still don’t want them taking up residence in their homes. Learn more about what might be attracting spiders to your house and how to deal with this common pest.

5 Key Reasons Your Home Could Be Attracting Spiders

Nothing makes your heart flutter quite like turning on that basement light and seeing a spider scurry away. And for some, it’s more than just a heart flutter — seeing a spider can become a full-fledged panic attack. In fact, according to Cleveland Clinic, up to 15% of the U.S. population has arachnophobia, or the fear of spiders. Whether you suffer from arachnophobia or just prefer to have a spider-free home, here are five ways you might be unwittingly attracting spiders to your house:

1. The presence of prey: Like all creatures, food is a primary motivator. Spiders eat insects, so if your home has a lot of insects, it will attract spiders. If you have other pest problems, such as flies, mosquitoes, or moths, you could be enticing spiders to stop by for a meal.

2. Outside weather conditions: When it gets cold, hot, or wet, spiders seek shelter. Extreme temperatures or a few days of heavy rain can motivate spiders to find a way into your home.

3. Ideal indoor living conditions: Spiders prefer dark and secluded areas, so you may find your basement, crawl spaces, attics, and garages offer ideal living conditions.

4. Too much clutter: Spiders like to hide, so be on the lookout for spiders in piles of clothes, boxes, or stacks of paper.

5. Too much outdoor lighting: While you likely use exterior lighting to help get into your home after dark, this lighting can also be drawing in spiders who are looking to catch insects drawn to the light source.

How to Stop Spiders from Entering Your Home

So now that you know what spiders are looking for in a shelter, you can start to make your home more inhospitable. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Keep your home clean and free of clutter — especially piles of laundry
  • Seal any entry points, paying particular attention to areas around doors and windows
  • Switch outdoor lighting to warm LED bulbs, which attract the least amount of insects
  • Reduce the insect population inside your home

At the end of the day, the most effective way to remove spiders is to eliminate the other pests that are likely attracting them. Working with a licensed pest control company like Ford’s Hometown Services can help ensure your home is pest-free, which will reduce spider populations.


Don’t Take Chances With Spiders

If you have a spider problem, contact the professionals at Ford's Hometown Services. We can help identify the type of spider problem you have and provide effective treatment options to eliminate the problem. In addition, we can work with you to determine if another pest problem exists and help you eliminate any tempting spider food sources. Call us today at 800-649-9992 or get an online quote.

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