“I have been using your lawn care services for several years and wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the services as well as results.

This year I decided to add the Tick and Mosquito combo services as well. After the first few applications, there was only a small reduction in the mosquito activity which was pretty disappointing. I considered cancelling the rest of the year as I still was not able to enjoy going out in my back yard during the evening hours.

Yesterday morning, Sean arrived and I happened to be home before leaving for work. I was able to observe a portion of his application and I need to tell you that I was very impressed with his services and care for my property. Not only did he do a GREAT job but he also answered a few questions and was able to reassure me that after his application I should notice a significant drop in the amount of activity.

I just wanted you to know that in today’s employment market it is difficult to find employees who care about customer service. It appears you have a good one in Sean . Please let him know that I recognize this and I welcome him back at any time for my future Ford’s services.”
R. Masiello

“Ford’s Hometown Services is a wonderful asset to the greater Worcester Community in Massachusetts. I base this upon 14 years of experience being a home owner in Worcester. It is the people at Ford’s that make the difference. They work together to maintain their expertise in all aspects of pest control and share their “cutting-edge”, up-to-date information throughout their team and most importantly with people like myself, the home owners. This, together with their effective and safely-used products and always friendly, thoughtful and concerned interest, is much appreciated. My thank you to all the folks at Ford’s.”
Dan Kelleher

“I use Ford’s for own home and as a Realtor I have recommended them to many of my clients. They are always very accommodating, pleasant to work with and their prices are very competitive.”
Kathy McSweeney

“I am happy to report that the concerns expressed in my previous review have been addressed by Ford’s. I received 2 calls from Ford family members who answered my questions and solved my problems. They were refreshingly concerned about the way I was treated. I would recommend them unequivocally to other homeowners.”
Norman C.

“What a great company – particularly on rtheir esponse time. I had a small problem with big ants at my new home and called Ford’s Hometown Service and immediately spoke with a technician and had a date/time scheduled for an extermination. They are great!!!”
Kari G.

“If you find yourself the unlucky host of a rogue BAT you really need to give them a call. Imagine my surprise at being awoke at 4 AM to find a bat flying around in my bedroom. Well I won’t go into all the hysterics that went on but I can say I got right on the web and start looking for bat removers! And I can say I kissed a few frogs before I actually found Ford Hometown Services. Prior to contacting them I had been exposed to a plethora of fear tactics from people who wanted to charge me upwards of $5,000 site unseen to remove the bats they were sure were here. I LUCKILY called Joe at Hometown Services who was kind enough to spend 20 minutes talking me down from the ledge. He sent out Leo who comes with my highest recommendations. Leo explained what probably prompted the bat to end up in the house and did an extremely thorough assessment of the property. He did find a small colony of bats living in the southwest corner of my house and was able to state what needed to be done as well as give me an idea of what could be expected. He provided me with a very reasonable estimate to extract the bats. He has a real respect for the bats, like it or not we need to keep the bug population in tack and because of the fact that he really did not want me to be afraid of bats I hired him to take care of the job. He explained it probably wouldn’t happen again but showed my boys what to do if it did prior to them being evicted. (Fortunately we didn’t need to capture any). I was given a time that he would come and do the initial work and a time for the follow up which he was spot on. Everything that was quoted to me was done there was no change in price, and he was there when he said he would be. Not only did he follow through on all that he stated would be done but Joe followed up to make sure I was happy with the service received. As far as customer service goes these guys have it down and they back it up with their actions.”
Josyln L.
Feeding Hills

“Ford’s has serviced my lawn for three years now and has provided excellent service. They are a family run business, so you get a lot of personal attention that you won’t get from the larger companies. The prices are reasonable, and I think they do their best to keep it that way. This is greatly appreciated, especially in this economy. I’m sure this has been a struggle for them, but this has made it possible for us to keep their service during some rather tough times. They are really great at providing education and tips so you get the best result. Ford’s seems to have some strong ethics as they never push additional products or services on us. On one occasion, we inquired about something we thought we needed to add to our service, and they advised us to save our money because it wasn’t necessary. This type of honesty is unheard of in the lawn care business, at least in our past experience.”
Jack O.

“Our technician is much more knowledgeable and helpful than techs from other companies.”
K. Gingras

“Excellent service our technician is always nice.”
L. Davis

“Service is very much valued, thank you.”
A. Rausher

“Thank you for excellent service & flexibility with scheduling.”
T. Keating

“He sprayed the huge hornets nest, delightful gentleman.”
S. Starr

“Best tech ever…”
P. Dauphinais

“No Complaints, Thanks…”

“Nick the technician did a great job putting down the fungicide. The lawn looks better already. I get a lot of nice comments about my lawn from neighbors.”
B. Szklarz

“It was a pleasure to get good news from someone nice.”
J. White

“Great Customer service!”
B. & M. Allain

“Superlative service…”
D. Feinzeig

“Our lawn is beautiful…”
The Finns

“Steve is the best.”
C. Katinas

“Another super job done by Jack! We have not seen any ants inside our home to my wife’s delight! Have a great day. Thanks.”
L. Ohs

“I was impressed by how your technician hustled. Our service was terrific! He explained what he was doing and why. I will be happy to recommend your company. Thank you.”
The Anderssons

“The technician was excellent…”
D. Apelian
West Boylston

“We are very happy with your service. We will be ongoing customers.”
B. & J. Douty

“You guys are great…”
A. & M. Kerouac

“One thing I can say about you and your company — you’re always there for us. We appreciate you very much!”
D. Gammon

“I was absolutely thrilled with your service and how the technician explained everything in great detail to my wife. I have used you in the past and will continue to use your company forever.”
E. Duane

“I have had little to no problems since your services began a few years ago, and speedy responses when I have. Thank you”

“Keep up the good work!”
N. Buddenhagen

“Everyone was very responsive.”
D. Detenber

“Excellent Service! We are very pleased with the results of our lawn.”
L. Ohs

“Everyone was very responsive.”
D. Detenber

“Your technician was extremely polite and professional and knowledgeable.”
M. Query

“Great technician, knows his stuff! He also recommended spraying for ticks, Thanks-”
Green Acres

“Thanks for being so fast with my problem.”
K. Moulton

“Our technician is an excellent exterminator to work with, I highly recommend him.”
Specialized Plastics

“We had the best technician ever! He is professional, knowledgeable and courteous. He is a great asset to your company.”
J. Venn
North Grafton

“Our technician did an excellent job and was very helpful with questions and comments.”
R. Harris

“You’re the best! My friends are using your services now too. Thanks”
A. Kerouac

“Our technician is always friendly and knows his job well.”
Guild of St. Agnes

“Very professional. Does great work. Stays with all issues until resolved. Great Guy!”
Bridge of Central Mass

“Top Notch Technician. Attentive to all needs. Very good with residents.”
Colony Retirement Homes

“Great to deal with- knowledgeable & friendly.”
Measurement Specialties

“Our technician has been exceptional with his service. We couldn’t be more happy.”
Beaumont Rehab

“I’ve certainly had my share of pretty great and pretty crappy experiences when to comes to hiring a company/contractor to do work that I couldn’t otherwise do on my own. And I rarely write online reviews of anything, but I feel compelled to write one for Ford’s after my recent dealings with them.
In a nutshell, Ford’s was fantastic.
Details: Back in April, termite swarmers (or rather, a metric buttload of their wings) appeared in our porch. I made a number of calls to various area pest-control services, asking for quotes and inspections – of those, only one came out to do an actual inspection. After drawing a very rough (and inaccurate) sketch of the house and misidentifying the problem area, the inspector quoted a pretty low price and kept trying to make me sign the quote (“e;It’s only to say that you understand the problem and our quoted solution – don’t worry, it’s not a contract for the actual work!”e;……after refusing to sign, I read the fine print and found that yes, it WAS a contract for the actual work). Then a neighbor recommended that I call Ford’s, after one of their close friends had mentioned having a positive experience with them.
I spoke with Bob Brooks over the phone for about a half hour as he asked a number of detailed questions about the issue. I emailed to him the previous inspector’s sketch (having tried to correct the previous inaccuracies). After reviewing the sketches, he chose to come out the next day to draw up his own diagrams (in order to get an accurate quote). He spent close to an hour walking around and checking the property, drawing up the diagram and describing the treatment plan. Along the way, he answered all of my questions and offered a tremendous amount of information about pest control in general (along with a bunch of lawn care tips!). Compared to the other three places that only seemed interested in the sign-up, Ford’s was already far and away the best customer handler (and there was never any pressure to make the sale).
Professional termite treatment is decently expensive anywhere you go (generally charged by the linear foot – bad news for wide houses….) – Ford’s was second highest of the four quotes. So I opted not to have the service immediately performed – I figured I’d wait a few months until I built up more funds.
Then in late May/early June, carpenter ants started appearing indoors. After attempting my own ant control, the population seemed to decrease, but as weeks wore on, they continued to enter the house. So I ventured into the attic and sure enough – hanging out on a couple of studs were clusters of ants! I called the usual suspects to ask about carpenter ant treatment (which in two cases was an additional full charge on top of the termite treatment). But not Ford’s – since they used the same chemical (Termidor) as for the termites, the additional ant treatment fee would be negligible if I had the termites done too (which actually put them in the same price range for both services as the others). Bob scheduled all of the work to be done the following Friday (one week away), but called later to say that the ant control person would come two days earlier instead (since he had an earlier opening).
Both the ant service (Leo D.) and termite treatment (Bob Ford himself, with his apprentice RJ) were outstanding. In addition to asking questions to get the full detailed pest history again (before starting their work), both of them wanted me to watch what they were doing to show me exactly what they did, why it would help, and what I could watch out for in the future. They both gave great explanations about ant/termite colony behavior, and both offered more information than expected with even the simplest (read: dumbest) of pest-care questions.
Every step of the way, from the initial call to the email correspondence to the services themselves, I was just endlessly impressed with their thoroughness, professionality, and courtesy. I’ve already recommended their services to a number of friends, and I would certainly not hesitate to do so again.”
Matt B.

“I love Ford’s Hometown Services and I wanted you to know why. First, whenever I call I ALWAYS get a friendly voice that greets me. Sometimes I speak to Sharon, other times I talk with Donna or Ann-Marie. They are all so kind, helpful and knowledgeable. They are awesome! When a technician comes (this time it was Leo) I get the BEST service. Your technicians represent your company with A+ style, work ethic, and personality. I have the best lawn in the neighborhood by far (thanks to Chris and his team) and I do not have problems with pesty pests! The bat problem is just about gone now, no more sounds in the walls or bats flying around. If I do get one (and it’s very rare), Leo and Bobby Ford are ready to eradicate. Thanks for all these wonderful services to the general public. I don’t know what I would do without our company and your employees!”
R. Mayo

“I am especially happy that the ongoing service is provided in spite of the fact that I am not necessarily at home each time and confident I can reach you if necessary, thank you!”
A. Rauscher

“Mike is knowledgeable and professional.”
J. & D. Dinneen

“Your service technician did an outstanding job, was very knowledgeable and explained everything very well. I have already recommended your company because I was so happy with your services.”
The Morrissettes

“I would like to acknowledge that our technician was pleasant, very hardworking and neat! Thank you”
L. DiGregorio

“Our serviceman was extremely knowledgeable, very approachable and did a great job! Great recommendations for keeping ants out!”

“We are happy with the excellent service and knowledge. When problems do arise we appreciate the speedy responses. Thank you-”
A. Rauscher

“Our technician is always polite and helpful.
The Bridge of Central Mass

“Excellent Services!!”
Monarch Spring

“Your service people are top notch. A special thanks to your office staff for letting me give him a bug at his home to get it identified. Thanks for all your hard work.”
M. McCarthy

“Our technician is very knowledgeable and very committed. He surely does the best he can with our facility. He is also attentive to the needs of our agencies. I am sure he is a great asset to your agency and ours.”
Friendly House

“Service has always been excellent.”
JD’s Sports Bar

“After getting the run around from two other companies I called Ford’s Hometown Services last week looking for help with my carpenter ant problem. They were friendly and came out immediately and put me at ease. I would recommend them to anyone, I was beyond satisfied!”
Nicole Wilbur

“I hate any kind of bug especially when they want to share my home. Ford’s was excellent in helping me calm down as they quickly came out to rid me of my pest problem. Very reasonably priced also. I would recommend them to anyone with a critter problem who wants quality service and professionalism. Thank you, Fords!”
Tara Blake

“Ford Home town Services was the only people to response to my request for removal of some unwanted pests. I call called three places ,then received a call back from Mr Henry Blake who I found to be very helpful agreeable and knew his stuff to suggest and control the extermination that needed to be done. And found there pricing to be reasonable …I still to this day have not received a call from the other three companies I called to get quotes and information .”
Steven Wilbur

“Excellent Lawn service.. These guys really know there stuff. I was doing my own 5 step applications for years, but never had the results that this service provided. The stuff that Fords is putting down on our lawn makes my property look like a golf course. No kidding…. You really have to sign up for their program. You won’t regret it.”

“Its funny, I start my rating by giving them 5 stars and google says “Whoohoo! As good as it gets!” That’s how i felt with Fords Hometown after all the estimates and conversations with the two guys in a truck meetings… I had 11 trees removed from my back yard and could not get anything but weeds and patchy grass to grow. For over a year i tried with poor results… Fords did a soil analysis and found that i had a mix of dry and acidic soil that they neutralized and eliminated all the grubs (my patchy spots lol) Its been two years now and I have an amazing lawn that is just beautiful. The service men are professional and courteous each time they visit they even pick up the kids toys before they treat WHO DOES THAT!!!”

“I’ve been on a service plan for pest control for about a year now. I don’t like to judge a company on one interaction because anyone can have a good or bad day. I figured a year of service has given me a good enough sample size to write a review.
I have been very pleased with Ford’s Hometown in the year I have used their service from the top down. They are honest people and they never try to sell you services that you do not need. They stand behind their work and I really have nothing negative to say about them. It says a lot about a company when a company has been around for as long as they have been.”
Jason A.

“I love these guys!!! I called two days ago due to a very serious bee problem… I talked to Joe and he gave me all the info I could ask for about their services… I explained the problem and also added that my Gran whom I also live with is extremely allergic to bees… Joe called me back within an hour and siad someone would be there the very next morning.. He said they considered it an emergency.. The next morning Matt came before he even started his regular work day.. Matt took care of the bees quickly and effectively(boy hes brave) for a very good price! Now we can enjoy our yard again.. Not only did this help but while checking the cellar to make sure the bees had not made their way in since they had a nest in our siding of the house, Matt also pointed out something we may have never known otherwise.. A severe carpenter ant infestation that was chewing the frame of our house! Also I have a severe spider phobia and mentioned how a monsterous black spider took up residence in my bedroom and I had not been in my room in two days. Matt told me how to make my room spider safe! I called Joe again and plan soon to have them back to help with the ants.. Also, since we live in the woods, I am also planning to get the yearly pest package. They saved us a lot of worry, money, sturctural damage and peice of mind. I will be refering them to anyone needing services of this kind! Thanks guys! Bee seein yas soon! :)”
Jessi N.

“I was quite disappointed when I called my longtime exterminator(Jerry Poronto,from PestAway)and his voicemail message replied that he had decided to close the business and referred his customers to Ford’s Hometown Services. Jerry always provided A++++ service and I respected his work ethic. He also isn’t someone that just kills pests. This guy is a professional and knows his trade inside and out and absolutely everything you could possibly know about pests. I used him 3 times in the seven years that we had been in our home and for different pests and he always got rid of them on the first visit.
So I reluctantly called Ford’s and explained to them how I got their number. The gentleman I spoke with, Joe Blake, was SUPER informative,polite and very personable. He told me that Jerry now worked for them and scheduled my appointment that week with Jerry!!
While on the phone with Joe, he was very courteous and explained the different programs they have and how they would take care of my pest problem. I told him that I had first tried to contact them through the companies email but there was a problem with the site. He then gave me his personal work email for me to contact him that way if I so preferred.
Jerry was great and even continued his work outside during a heavy downpour! He explained to me that the bees nests I had were all built in dry places so he could spray them and it would be just as effective. He answered all my questions and suggested a few things I could do to help decrease my chances of new bees coming along.
I highly recommend Ford’s home services . It is refreshing to deal with a company that has knowledgable, customer service oriented,and courteous employees.”
Heather D.

“Our tech was early, efficient, and answered all questions.”
C. & K. Bille

“Our tech is GREAT.”
Ditch Witch Northeast

“Our tech is the best, he is outstanding.”
C. Katinas

“Excellent customer service.”
A. & D. Maddox

“Technician was awesome! Made special effort to greet me and discuss treatment. Thank you!”
C. Lewis

“Professional and very knowlegable.”
C & K Bille

“My husband & myself recommend Jack all the time. He knows what he is doing, thank you.”
J. & J. Bachand

“Love my lawn…”
N. Vo

“Matt was informative, polite & professional.”
T. Keating

“Mikes been great.”
K. Gingras

“Very satisfied…”
R. Woodbury

“Jack was very effective and courteous, send him out anytime. He has our highest 5-star rating.”
G. & E. Knight

“I was very happy with your technician. He listened to me and was very thorough and sprayed appropriately.”
G. Moss

“Ford’s came out to my home to spray for ants in July. The gentleman said that I would probably see more ants for a week or so. Do you know how many ants I saw after he sprayed? ONE. One ant the next day. I went from ants having parties all over the kitchen counters, floors, etc. to one single ant the next day. You people are fabulous.”
C. Mazeika

“Another fine service call to our home. We feel very comfortable with Ford’s Hometown Services”
M. & L. Ohs

“…I never had a better or more professional technician. He found problems our contractor missed…”
S. Mcenroe

“Your office staff was very helpful when I thought I had a problem, we appreciate your prompt, excellent service and your fine company, thank you.”
J. McDonald

“Another fine service call! Our lawn serviceman is a real asset to your company! Hope we have another great growing season.”
M & L Ohs

“Your technician worked well with my contractor to solve the problem. He was pleasant, knowledgeable and cleaned-up after. Excellent Service, very satisfied”
The McGurl’s

“I could not have asked for a more knowledgeable, professional or caring technician. He took time to explain everything to me-”
J. Lochrie

“We are very happy & satisfied with our technician.”
D. Auger

“I could not have asked for a more knowledgeable, professional or caring technician. He took time to explain everything to me-”
J. Lochrie

“We would like to complement you on the excellent service provided by your staff, both in the office and the field. Everyone responds quickly to our calls and the follow-up after the service is appreciated. We have used several other exterminators in the past and none compare to your staff”
The Miller’s

“Your representive was extremely polite and helpful, I appreciate his time and knowledge.”
T. Huchowski
S. Grafton

“Very efficient, used safety practices, kept me informed, exceptional professional.”
E. Kruczek

“We have been with the company many years and have been greatly satisfied and thankful.”
E. Duane

“It’s been a great year for the lawns. We never would have believed it! Good Job!”
J. Heald

“Our lawn technician is a quality representative of your company!”
D & P Simon

“Your technician is a knowledgeable, professional and a respectable, polite young man and technician. He is a credit to your Ford’s Hometown Services Co.”

“Our technician was very patient and kind and seemed genuinely caring.”

“It is a pleasure dealing with our technician. He has been extremely helpful and courteous with us.
Country Kettle Café
West Boylston

“Great service all the time. Very nice person to deal with.”
Commerce Bank

“Technician was a gentle man and was very well spoken and professional.”
J. Vail

“Bedbugs are disgusting. I do not recommend that you get them. I’m sure they could come in handy if there is ever somebody that you are extremely displeased with, such as someone who gifted you with an upper decker in your bathroom at home. You could covertly install these horrific creatures in their house and walk away laughing maniacally. That’s what I would do in that situation.

I manage a six-family building in Northbridge. Once upon a time, there were bedbugs in one of the units. Before we tried Ford’s Hometown Services, which is awesome, we hired a different pest control company, which was not awesome. This other company was presented with a unit that had been empty of the residents and all of their belongings for an entire two hours before treatment. This was an ideal scenario, as I was given to understand it.

What happened next was 3+ months of nightmares. We hired this company to reduce the number of affected units from 1 down to 0. Apparently, they misunderstood. They were successful in changing the number of bedbug-infested units from 1 to 3.

Perhaps this company had a special Torture Everyone For 3 1/2 Months And Make The Problem Worse package that I had unwittingly signed up for, as our units were all full of very good residents whose children were being eaten by these appalling harbingers of bloodsucking misery. When I mentioned to the pest control company the fact that we were not all that impressed with their performance, the manager offered to charge us more money so they could inspect and treat the other units. If I could set a person on fire over the telephone, I probably would have.

Cue Joe Blake at Ford’s Hometown Services (insert appropriate superhero-themed music here).

Joe Blake told me exactly what needed to be done, and exactly which team he would send in to do it. He put together the action plan, and, in an apparent gesture of pity, gave me a discount on the price. Then, they got the job done. Period.

They showed up when they were supposed to, they were courteous with all the residents, and there were no unpleasant surprises. Joe and his team made certain that everything went exactly as it should have gone, and it only took them about four weeks to kill every last one of those crawling vampires.

I share my tale of woe for two reasons: 1) So you, dear reader, can see what my consequences were for choosing the wrong pest control company, and 2) I like to complain.

The bedbug problem cost this building thousands and thousands of dollars in lost revenue while the bedbugs were doubtlessly pointing and laughing at me, ridiculing me behind my back. Nobody wants that. Bedbugs, as I may have mentioned, are horrible and disgusting. Joe Blake, in contrast, is not horrible and disgusting.

The moral of the story: call Joe Blake at Ford’s Hometown Services. The End.”
Thunder B. on Yelp

“I want to thank Joe at Ford Hometime Services for all help with our bed bug problem. These guys are great, it took a couple of treatments but I can finally sleep at night knowing my children would be eaten alive by those nasty things. If you have bed bugs please give these guys a shot.. The most honest and straight forward people in the business, I would definitely use them again for any other pest problem I hope i never run into but you never know….”
Duane P.

“I had use a different pest service company in the past they now are not in business so I called a few service companies from the phone book and as I expected only one company got back to me with in 24 hours …glad business must be good elsewhere ….it was ford Hometown services and rep Joe Blake was the one to get to me and assured me of what I needed to have done and they showed up on time with out lip service and controlled to eliminate my pesty critters”
Steven W.

“Dario is a excellent representative of your company.”
The Lathams

“Anesti is a fine representative of your company.”
J. & T. Davis

“I am very pleased with all the work Matt has been doing around my house- from getting rid of those pesky flies to putting up the insulation on the ceiling in a very timely manner.”
E. Zalla

“…your technician has his heart and soul in his work, excellent service.”
J. Bachand

“Just wanted to say thank you for taking care of our flea problem last week — Jess and Matt are great and everything has worked out well. The fleas are 99.99% gone.”
J. Teixeira
Fall River

“Thanks for coming ASAP, good job!”
The Keil’s

“Your technician was very courteous, neat and clean.”
J. Manley

“The lawn is very green and lush looking, filled in nicely, thank you”
K. Tivnan

“Highly knowledgeable, informative, courteous and friendly.”
G. Billias

“We are very happy with Ford’s Hometown Services, they are good and prompt.”
J. & B. Douty

“Service was exemplary. Technician was knowledgeable, helpful, and thorough.”
The McGurls

“Our technician is very professional and goes above and beyond for our office.”
United Dental Group