Ant Control and Removal

Our Pest Management Professionals are experts in ant control and removal services in Worcester and beyond. They will ask questions to try to deduce where the ants may have set up the primary nest. Their questions for ant control and removal may include: Have you had any water leaks or water problems in general? How many ants do you see and in what area do you see them the most? Do you see ants every spring or do you see any with wings? Our professional will also look for conducive conditions such as mulch up against the foundation, excessive leaf litter, woodpiles and scrap wood, bushes and trees which touch the home and any earth-to-wood contact.

If ants are seen, our reliable ant control technician may put ant bait down in addition to a foundation spray. The ants will pick up this “food” and head back to the nest to feed the queen and the young. These clues will hopefully lead to where the problem is and the discovery of where the nesting sites are. The methods and materials used for ant control and removal work in such a way that even if the nest cannot be located, enough of the workers come into contact with the material and strategically placed baits that full eradication can still be achieved.

Don’t just take our word for it – here’s what one satisfied ant and removal control customer had to say in a Yelp review: “What a great company – particularly on their response time. I had a small problem with big ants at my new home and called Ford’s Hometown Service and immediately spoke with a technician and had a date/time scheduled for an extermination. They are great!!!”