Bat Management and Removal

Not everyone considers bats a common household pest, but if you’ve ever attempted to remove a bat from your home, you know how tricky it can be. Bats are very common and contribute heavily to bug control by eating lots of mosquitos. Because insects often breed in water, homes near lakes, ponds, and other bodies of water are likely to see more bats in the general area. Ford’s Hometown Services is one of the leading bat management and removal services.

To prevent bats from entering your home, make sure all your windows have screens, even the little ones. Bats have a tendency to fly in through open windows. Even coin-sized openings are a potential entry point for these flying rodents, especially near your roof. Finding bat droppings is a good indicator that you have a bat problem.

Occasionally you will need to deal with a single bat visitor in your home. If you confine the bat to one area with an open window by closing all possible doors, it is likely to fly around until it eventually locates the exit. Do not chase or swat at the bat, as it may panic. Exhausted bats who cannot find the exit are easy to capture, as they are unlikely to fly. While you’re waiting for the bat to tire itself out, put on some protective gloves and find a container to catch the bat in. Once you’ve captured the tired bat, release it outside, away from your home.

Bats are a possible source of rabies so if you find bats in your home, make sure they have not come into contact with any people or animals. It is important to call your local bat management and removal professionals as soon as you can. There is no reason to put yourself or your family in danger.

If you continue to find bats or their droppings in your home, you may have been hosting an entire colony of bats. Killing bats as a method of removal is not recommended, as there are humane ways to evict them. Keep an eye out for their entrances, which must be sealed. Sometimes providing an external alternative, like a bat box outdoors for the bat colony, is a good way to get them to move out of your house. The best time for batproofing homes is in the spring before there are bat babies, or in the fall after the babies have grown up and moved out. Attempting bat removal or batproofing between May and August can result in trapping bat babies in your home, which will eventually die and create a rather disgusting cleanup task for you.

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