Welcome to The Bug Club!
The Bug Club is a great chance to get up close and personal with a variety of insects, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals from around the world. Create a birthday party or event that neither your guests nor the birthday child will ever forget! It is a truly unique experience that is both fun and educational, making it perfect for a birthday party or a classroom experience.

Birthday Parties – $195.00

Kids of all ages (including the adults!) will have the opportunity to learn gross and interesting facts about all of our exotic creatures. Everyone will have a front row seat and one by one we will hand display each and every live member of our Bug Club. But it doesn’t end there! In addition to all of our fascinating insects we also have live animals and reptiles that will be presented as well. Throughout the presentation the bravest of the brave will get to participate and actually hold & pet a few select live members of our Bug Club. If touching is not your thing, not to worry, everyone will still be able to safely view each & every member of the presentation up close and personal. This unique experience will live in your child’s memories for years to come.


$195.00 For an UNFORGETTABLE (1) one hour interactive LIVE Bug Club Show! Extend your Party an additional half-hour for just $40.00 more – OR extend the party for an additional full hour for only $75.00 more!

We will come to your home, or for an additional $25.00 you can choose to hold your Bug Club Birthday Party here in our Bug Jungle. If you choose to have your party here, please pitch in & help clean up after the party.

We can hold parties outside but it is weather dependent. To present a more personalized presentation we recommend that you limit the amount of kids to no more than 12.

We also ask that you provide us with ½ of the payment on the day that you book your party. The balance is due on day of show. If the party is cancelled with less than a 24 hour notice, there will be a $50.00 late cancelation fee assessed. We charge 50 cents per mile beyond a five mile radius of our office. We are located at 549 Grove Street Worcester, Ma. 01605.

Birthday Party add-ons:

Bug Bags = $ 3.50 each. Souvenir T-Shirts = $ 15.00 each.

School Shows $195.00 (first hour)

Each Additional 1 hour show is only $75.00.

Kids and teachers alike, get ready for a fun and exciting (1) one hour show with bugs, animals & reptiles that will have you on the edge of your seats! It’s like “show and tell” time featuring many different live exotic insects, small mammals and scaly reptiles that have been collected from all around the world. We take the time to present each member one at a time, while educating you on their origin, biology and unique habits. There’s no better learning experience than the Bug Club! We also include over 100 mounted insects for your up close viewing pleasure.


$195.00 (first hour)
Each Additional 1 hour show is only $75.00. Designed for larger fgroups up to 50 attendees

* If greater than 50 attendees we strongly suggest adding additional shows.

Fairs & Special Events

(Designed for ½ and full day gatherings)

If you are having a BIG event, “The Bug Club” is what everyone will remember and tell their friends about for weeks to come! It’s an award winning exhibit which displays hundreds of local and international mounted specimens, along with a variety of live exotic insects, small mammals and scaly reptiles. The Exhibit also features a variety of wood destroying insects that are indigenous to New England, and examples of the devastating damage that these tiny little insects can cause.

Adults and children are encouraged to stop by throughout the course of the day. Two or three times per hour, we will feature one of the more popular members of “The Bug Club”. We take the time to answer all of your questions and kids of all ages will have the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with one of our live members. If you are fearless and if you are actually brave enough to hold one, you will earn yourself a free “I Hugged a Bug” magnet.

Parents, if you’re wondering where your child is? We recommend you start looking here first!


(Designed for ½ and full day gatherings)
4 hour Exhibit: $350.00
8 hour Exhibit: $550.00.

Here are some of the bugs you’ll meet:
Below is a list of our live exotic insects, small mammals and scaly reptiles. Keep in mind that some of our members are seasonal and may not always be available for display.

Yellow spotted salamanders
Stag beetle (Seasonal)
Carabid beetle (Seasonal)
Madagascar hissing cockroaches
Vietnamese centipede (Seasonal)
Giant water bug (Seasonal)
Velvet ant (Seasonal)
African tailless whip scorpion
Hairy desert scorpion
Emperor scorpions
Vinegaroon scorpion
Giant millipedes
Eastern lubber grasshoppers (Seasonal)
Florida jumping spider (Seasonal)
Mexican blonde tarantula
Costa Rican zebra tarantula
Fire belly frogs
Painted turtles (Seasonal)
Green iguanas
Ozzy the Striped Skunk
Ball python
Australian walking sticks (Seasonal)
Cactus beetle (Seasonal)
Scarab beetle (Seasonal)
Bearded dragon
Katydids (Seasonal)
Jungle nymph (Seasonal)
Pinacate beetle (Seasonal)
Green anoles (Seasonal)
Peruvian centipede (Seasonal)
Desert centipede
Snapping turtles
Crocodile gecko (Seasonal)
Spiny devil walking stick (Seasonal)
Walking leaf (Seasonal)
Roaches: Banana, Death Head, Black and White, Red, Madagascar Hissing, and Giant Cave
A North Eastrn Toad
A Bull Frog (Seasonal)
Green Predacious Diving Beetles (Seasonal)
Garter Snakes (Seasonal)
Fire Salamanders (Seasonal)
Giant Spiny Walking Sticks (Seasonal)