Carpenter Ant Control

Carpenter ant control can be critical for protecting your home from structural damage from these voracious wood-chewers. For complete carpenter ant control, contact Ford’s Hometown Services, the area’s leading carpenter ant control experts in Worcester and beyond.

Most carpenter ant problems start with the queen nesting in decayed or water-damaged wood that is softened by fungus. Once a colony gets started it can number into the thousands of ants, with satellite colonies each with hundreds more carpenter ants. Often homeowners don’t discover they have a carpenter ant problem until they’re doing maintenance or construction work on their home.

Fortunately, carpenter ant control is a specialty of Ford’s Hometown Services. We understand ant nesting and breeding behavior and use that knowledge to help understand how and where carpenter ants invade your home. We look for signs such as areas where woody material comes in contact with your house, wet areas that might attract ants, and other points of entry – carpenter ants will even walk along wires coming into your home and enter your attic. While they don’t actually eat the wood in your home, they do chew into it and excavate areas in which to raise their young.

Our pest management professionals are experts at controlling carpenter ants using the latest pest control science and years of experience. Some of our proven techniques include putting down ant bait that gets taken back by worker ants to the colony where it is fed to the queen and ant young to begin the eradication process. Often clues will help lead our pest control technicians to the main and satellite colonies where further eradication processes effectively eliminate the carpenter ants. Even if the main nest is not located, enough carpenter ant control bait material is brought into the colony by the worker ants to successfully destroy it.

Ford’s carpenter ant control service uses advanced carpenter ant baiting and elimination technology that ensures your carpenter ants are found, treated, and eliminated quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Call us at (800) 649-9992 to schedule an appointment for our carpenter ant extermination service to determine which method is right for you and for a free* estimate (*excluding inspections), or stop by our Worcester, MA office to meet our pest control experts.