Grub Control vs. Grub Proofing

Grubs are a terrible lawn pest with the ability to completely ruin your lawn if not handled correctly. Slowly but surely, grubs will move throughout your lawn, destroying it until the infestation is under control.

What are Grubs?
Grubs are small, C-shaped larvae of various different types of beetles. In fact, there are over 150 species of beetles in the Unites States that have an immature or larval stage called a grub, white grub, or grub worm. After hatching in the fall, the grubs will overwinter underground until the warmer spring weather brings them out to start eating the roots of your grass. As the larva matures into beetles, they will begin feeding more and more, creating more damage. Once fully matured, the beetles will lay eggs in the soil to start the process over again.

How do you know if you have grubs?
There are a few tell-tale signs of having a grub infestation. If your lawn is usually a lush green, but you are experiencing brown patches, you might have grubs! The lawn might begin to feel soft and spongey. Normally a well irrigated lawn has a stronger feel to it. The other best indicator is the other animals in your area. If animals like skunks, raccoons, or birds are seen digging around in the yard, there is a good chance you have a grub infestation!

What should I do about my grubs?
Both our services are designed to suppress the amount of feeding larvae devouring the tender roots of your lawn.

  • If you have an immediate problem, our contact insecticide (grub control) is necessary. This product has a residual of five (5) to eight (8) days, and must be watered in immediately and in the proper amounts of water for successful control. This service will reduce the population of grubs in your lawn immediately once watered in.

Both grub applications must be watered thoroughly for 30-45 minutes per area. Do not count on the rain!

  • The grub proofingtakes time to work and would not be feasible for immediate control. This product works systemically in the plant and in the soil. It will take weeks to work, but will give 6-8 months of protection and will prevent fall infestations. This service is performed on our late spring lawn service, with the fertilization program, at no additional cost, and has a 98 percent success rate.  Frequent irrigation will reduce the moisture stress caused by injury to the roots and encourage new root growth.

Due to the watering requirements, Ford’s Hometown does not offer a warranty on this service. Please follow the instructions in order to achieve optimal results.


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