Hornet Extermination

Hornet Extermination in Worcester, MassachusettsHornets are a member of the wasp family and look very similar to yellow jackets. As “social” wasps, they build large communal nests, usually in shrubs and trees, with a queen and workers.

Unfortunately, hornets can be very aggressive, actively guarding their nest when they feel threatened. That can be a big problem for people who accidentally stumble on or brush up against a nest hidden in leaves and branches. Because hornets can be so aggressive, it is always a good idea to contact professional hornet exterminators if you discover a hornet nest on your property.

Hornet nests are at their largest numbers in summer, particularly in the warmest months. During this time, they should not be approached because the hornets will be highly active. Professional hornet exterminators such as Ford’s Hometown Services who have experience in dealing with large numbers of aggressive hornets should be called in to determine the proper hornet treatments and provide hornet spraying in order to prevent injury from stings.

If the nest is inside a wall or other restrictive area, it is especially important to contact the expert hornet exterminators at Ford’s to assess your situation for hornet extermination. Because of their aggressive nature, hornets will attack easily and it’s crucial to wear protective clothing, be prepared to evacuate the area, and take the extra precautions that hornet elimination professionals who are experienced at hornet extermination are familiar with.

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Using professional hornet exterminators is the preferred option because many retail hornet sprays are simply ineffective due to the distance from the nest to the entrance. A licensed pest control professional skilled in hornet elimination can ensure that the hornets nesting inside a wall are safely destroyed, after which the structure should be sealed up to prevent more hornets from re-entering and re-colonizing the space.

If you have a hornet problem on your property, contact the hornet exterminators at Ford’s Hometown Services. They can discuss the proper hornet treatments and hornet spraying to effectively take care of hornet extermination and keep you, your family, and friends safe.