Hornet Removal Services

Looking for hornet removal services? Ford’s Hometown Services has experience finding and treating hornet infestations on both residential and commercial properties. The sting of a single hornet, wasp, or bee is painful at best, but encountering an entire angry swarm can be deadly, especially for children and elders. Nests should be found and eliminated as soon as possible to ensure the safety of everybody who visits your property. The safest way to deal with an infestation is to hire professional hornet removal services like the experts here at Ford’s Hometown Services.

Even after a professional hornet removal, the insects have been known to rebuild their nests in the same places that were appealing to them the first time. It may be necessary to change your property or buildings to discourage hornets from returning. Hornets typically build their nests in places that are sheltered from the elements. Hornet removal services can be enough to eliminate the current hornets, but more might just move in, since you have such a nice property. Some people use decoy nests to prevent these new hornets from moving in, as hornets can be territorial.

Our hornet removal services include helping you locate hornet infestations, apply insecticides and dispose of nests. By choosing to work with us, you eliminate the threat of getting stung. What are you waiting for? Call today!