Vegetation Control

Vegetation Control (Non-Selective Herbicide Application)

A non-selective herbicide targets all unwanted vegetation. Ford’s Hometown Services often uses Glyphosate (also known as Round-up Pro) for vegetation control of poison ivy or to eliminate old lawns in order to prepare them for our full lawn renovation. Overall price will vary based on target species; each application will be a separate charge.

  • When spraying poison ivy, it may require two (2) to three (3) applications.
  • When spraying native bamboo, it will require a minimum of three (3), but possibly up to six (6) or more applications.
  • When killing lawns with violets, it will require up to three (3) applications.
  • Zoysia grass is a stubborn grass with invasive rhizomes and stoloniferous root structure. There may be three (3) to four (4) applications needed to kill this grass species.

Please note: When spraying violets in the lawn or Zoysia grass, spraying must begin in early August, so that there is enough time in the fall to plant seed.

To fully eliminate an old lawn in preparation for renovation without hard to kill weeds, it will normally only require one or two applications. We must allow a minimum of seven (7) days to pass from the last application before seeding can begin. Visual effects may be seen within days of treatment.

Please keep in mind if poison ivy, bamboo, Zoysia grass, violets, or other invasive vegetation abut the property you may eventually get them back. 100% control cannot be achieved.

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