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Lawn Care Program

Premier Lawn

Budget Smart Lawn Care Program
Our 5-step entry-level program may save you some money, but it doesn’t skimp on quality lawn care. We use a superior granular fertilizer, crabgrass controller, stress protectant, lime, potassium, and grub-proofing to keep your lawn going strong all season long. Unlike similarly-priced competitors’ program, we also include a pro-active insect control, a better four-month-long feeding fertilizer, and a multi-nutrient package.

Premier Lawn Care Program
Our top-of-the-line, golf-course-grade, 7-step premier program features the highest-quality pelletized fertilizers and micronutrients to feed your lawn precisely what it needs, when it needs it, along with grub management and insect suppression to effectively control a wide range of lawn pests. Unlike “spray and pray” liquid fertilizer applications used by some lawn care companies, our custom-blended pelletized products feed your grass better, longer, with controlled nutrient release for up to 16 weeks. Highly recommended for high-end and bluegrass or sod lawns.

NOFA/OMRI Organic Lawn Care Program
For homeowners looking for an alternative to traditional lawn care products we offer a premium, pure soy, organic lawn nutrient fertilization program. This 6-step comprehensive program features spring and fall fertilizer treatments, supplemented by over-seeding, liming, and soil conditioning in the fall.

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