Hydretain FAQS and Testimonials

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Hydretain

Q. When is the best time to apply Hydretain?

A. Hydretain can be applied anytime during a plants life cycle. However, the best time to apply Hydretain is before hot dry weather or drought stress conditions set in.


Q. Where can you use Hydretain?

A. Hydretain is effective on all types of ornamental plants, shrubs, trees and turf grass, as well as food producing agriculture. Hydretain is beneficial for containerized and field grown plants from seed germination or propagation to transplant establishment and throughout the growing life cycle.


Q. Will Hydretain hold too much water if we get heavy rain fall?

A. Hydretain has little moisture holding capacity. Its function is soil moisture management and functions by converting otherwise unavailable soil humidity available to plant roots.


Q. Will Hydretain wash through the soil if we get heavy rainfall?

A. Hydretain may wash through the soil if heavy rainfall follows closely after application before Hydretain has time to attach to plant roots. Hydretain is usually drawn up against roots within the first one to 2 required waterings after application.


Q. Why does Hydretain Need to be watered in right after application?

A. Hydretain needs to be watered in right after application so that it is driven down to and throughout the root zone where it can be drawn up against tiny roots. If allowed to remain on the surface or within the thatch area Hydretain will attach to organic materials i.e. plant tissue or thatch, and its migration into the root area, with subsequent waterings, will be too slow to show it full effectiveness.


Q. Is Hydretain a replacement for fertilizer?

A. No Hydretain is not a plant food ingredient and is not a replacement for fertilizer. However, Hydretain’s soil moisture management function has shown to improve neutrient uptake thereby amplifying fertilizer applications.




Don’t Take Our Word for it…

Take a moment to review what some Hydretain users have reported to us on their successes in a variety of conditions.

Banyan Golf Course (128k PDF)
Find out how this Palm Beach, Florida golf course used Hydretain to combat problem dry spots without overwatering.

The Plant Shoppe (280k PDF)
This Gainesville, Florida retail garden shop uses Hydretain to ensure the success of a number of themed gardens despite oppressive drought conditions.

Aldridge Studios (296k PDF)
Learn how this greenhouse facility in Overland Park, Kansas prolonged watering intervals with Hibiscus trees, house plants and perennials.

A. J. Newport & Sons (68k PDF)
This Australian nursery was able to increase the retail shelf life of a variety of plants including Chrysanthemums and Poinsettias.

Plant City Golf Course (196k PDF)
Experiencing the worst drought conditions in over 5 decades, this facility maintained healthy turf, reversed damage and reduced watering needs using Hydretain.

Sun Up Farms (236k PDF)
This indoor foliage nursery quickly found out how Hydretain can save plants and money by prolonging watering intervals and improving the stress resilience of office plants.

Mike Henley (68k PDF)
This indoor plant maintenance service made some surprising observations when comparing Hydretain to other products on test spathiphyllums.

Mt Warren Country Club (60k PDF)
This Australian golf course addressed the high watering needs of two problem greens with the application of Hydretain.

Oglesby Plant Laboratories (68k PDF)
This Florida-based plant shipper nearly doubled wilt times by applying Hydretain to spathiphyllum before transport.

Univeristy of Texas Golf Club (152k PDF)
Learn how Hydretain earned the confidence of this golf course superintendent in a small controlled test in a problem turf area that led to use on much larger tracts to combat drought stress.

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