Moss Control

Moss is a very difficult plant to control. Moss is mainly caused from environmental conditions such as poor soil drainage, compact soils, shade, high moisture levels, acidic soils, or in combination. Through the process of elimination you can determine which of these conditions is responsible. It is important to know that until the cause is eliminated, moss will continue to grow. Here is a list of our recommendations.

Fall Core Aeration: to correct compact and hard pan soils and improve drainage

Pruning or tree removal: Increase sun and air circulation

Irrigation: Correct automatic irrigation settings or decrease manual watering in the area(s)

Liming: Calcium applications will correct the acid levels and sweeten the soil

Improved grass species: Replant in Fall with more shade tolerant varieties

Fords Hometown Services used a new biodegradable product called TerraCyte. TerraCyte is a fast and effective treatment for the control of moss, algae, and mold control without using heavy metals. This product is a uniquely formulated granular algaecide/fungicide that will control moss, algae and slimes. TerraCyte’s mode of action is oxidation, a powerful chemical reaction that reacts with proteins and enzymes found in cell membranes of microbial organisms such as algae, bacteria and fungi. TerraCyte is non-harmful to turf grasses, horticultural plantings, birds and pets. NSF International has approved TerraCyte’s active ingredient with non-restriction on watersheds or groundwater.

A minimums of two (2) applications are recommended in early Fall. After moss dies, rake out moss and reseed all bare areas. Fall is the best time for planting.

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