NOFA/OMRI Organic Lawn Care Program

There is a growing desire among homeowners for alternatives to traditional lawn care products for maintaining their lawns and gardens. Our organic lawn care program is certified by the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) and the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) as 100 percent organic and completely safe for both humans and animals.

What makes our organic lawn care program different, besides replacing synthetic fertilizers with 100% pure soy products, is how we look at the entire biomass – the soil and the things that live in it. We analyze your lawn and soil, make recommendations for treating it, and apply a soil conditioner and biostimulant in the early fall to keep it healthy and functioning throughout the entire year. Our environmentally-friendly program features six treatment steps that provide complete organic nutrition for your lawn from early spring through fall:

STEP 1: Spring (April – May) 100% pure SOY Organic Lawn nutrient fertilization (phosphorous free)
STEP 2: Late spring (May – June) 100% pure SOY Organic Lawn nutrient fertilization (phosphorous free) as well as technician’s inspection and recommendations
STEP 3: Fall (Aug – Sept) Core Aeration with Over-seeding
STEP 4: Fall (Aug – Sept) 100% pure SOY Organic Lawn nutrient fertilization (phosphorous free)
STEP 5: Fall (Aug – Sept) Liming application based on soil test results, as well as technician’s inspections and recommendations
STEP 6: Fall (Aug – Sept) All Natural Soil Amendment (Soil Conditioner & Biostimulant)

Our newly-designed organic lawn care program is phosphorous-free to comply with the recently-passed Mass Nutrient law for improved water quality. It also includes seeding to choke out unwanted weeds.

Optional services include:

Aeration with Over Seeding
Aeration with Slice Seeding
Slice Seeding
Spot Seeding
Additional Organic Fertilization

Additional Lime Application
Organic Non-Selective Herbicide
Organic Insect Suppression
Tree & Shrub Fertilization
Soil PH Test
Full Complete Soil Analysis Test

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