Fungicide Applications

Lawn diseases can be quite an eyesore on a lush, green lawn. Luckily, we have the remedy!

lawn diseasesWhat creates disease?
Three factors must be present for a disease to be present.

  1. The Pathogen
    There are close to 25 soil-born pathogens already present in the lawn. All it takes is a combination of the next 2 factors for them to start showing.
  1. The Host
    Most lawns are made up of several different kinds of grass species. Throughout the season, the lawn can also start to establish new species of grasses by wind, birds, and other animals bringing seeds onto the lawn. Also, your lawn could be made up of several varieties of the same species. Some turf grasses are more susceptible to diseases than others. Just because you have a lawn disease, doesn’t mean your neighbor will!
  1. The Environmental Conditions
    There are various environmental conditions that can kick start a turf grass disease. Some examples are heavy thatch, poor ventilation, heat stress, cold stress, favorable disease temperatures, PH, mowing too low, dull mower blades, traffic, too much shade, too much rain, not enough rain, humidity, and a few others. In our experiences with lawn care, usually there is more than one disease present at one time. Sometimes our disease pamphlets may indicate the issue is low fertility. Please remember all lawns, and at any time, are susceptible regardless. It does not indicate a late feeding! Hot and humid weather followed by nightly rain is normally the leading cause.

How to help avoid future disease!
Our annual lawn care programs do not include fungicide applications. At each of your scheduled visits, your service technician will leave very important directions for your lawn. If followed properly and without fail, your lawn will have the best chance to avoid getting one of the ugly diseases. Unfortunately, cultural practices can only eliminate half of the environmental conditions that lead to lawn diseases. As you can see from above, the other half is beyond control. How Mother Nature treats us from year to year can matter significantly (Welcome to New England!)

What you should expect from our optional fungicide application?
The amount of applications needed depends on the type and severity of the lawn disease. Some diseases can require an organic fertilizer to be applied. Fungicide applications only suppress the pathogen, not eliminate it; and if the environmental conditions don’t change, the disease could return after the fungicide residual dissipates.

Do I need this application?
We recommend a preventative fungicide application twice per year. If you know your lawn is prone to a certain disease, these preventative applications could be your saving grace!


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