Selective Herbicide for Violet & Ground Ivy Control

Violet Flower - Selective Herbicide for Violet & Ground Ivy ControlWhat are violets?

Violets are considered an annual weed in cool season climates and a perennial in warmer climates. Perennial types have rhizomes or long stolons, heart-shaped leaves on long petioles, and purplish-white flowers; annual types can have irregular-shaped leaves, hairy stem with light yellow to purple flowers. Wild Violets can be a nasty and sometimes even impossible broadleaf weed to control. Because of its waxy leafs, liquid herbicides tend to roll off of the leafs, as on the finish of a new car.



Both of our fertilization programs include three selective herbicide applications to control a broad range of broadleaf weeds. With our programs, we have experienced medium control of violets. We recommend (between regular treatments), additional violet control so that the plant will not have a chance to recover between applications. We are unable to give a specific number of applications needed to fully control them. Each infestation of this pesky broadleaf weed is different!

Fords Hometown Services is the only known Lawn Company who still presently possesses an off the market chemical (Confront) know for good violet control. We purchased all the remaining stock in the area.

It is recommended to eliminate any violets from your property. If they are in your flowerbeds, we do not spray the beds with this service. We do offer a hand selective spray for such areas. This is offered at an additional charge.

If you are not on our fertilizing programs, we recommend a minimum of three services approximately 4 weeks apart according to label.

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