Why Lime?

Lime Applications is something every lawn NEEDS!

Liming is one of the most important applications for your lawn. New England lawns flourish at 6.5 –7 pH, which is the neutral zone. If left out, various problems can arise! Excessive thatch, various lawn diseases, leeching of nutrients, weeds, and simply an unhealthy lawn are just some of the problems that can arise if your lawn is not properly limed!


Lime on the soil in the garden.Why Lime?
Typically in Massachusetts, most lawns are more acidic than alkaline. The remedy for this is Lime applications! Acidic soils have less essential elements (Calcium, Magnesium, Nitrogen, and Phosphorous) as well as being deficient in the micronutrients Molybdenum and Boron. On the other hand with an acidic lawn, there will be ample amounts of Zinc, Copper, Iron, and Manganese; all of which are highly soluble in acid soils and can even become toxic to the plants in high concentrations.

If your soil is acidic, it is better to correct the pH than it is to fertilize! When the lawn’s pH is acidic, the plant will have a very difficult time taking in the nutrients that are put down in the fertilizers.

Another thing to keep in mind when deciding whether to lime or not is the presence of microorganisms! Microorganisms are affected heavily by soil acidity. Generally, fungi’s are able to adapt to a wide range of pH values. Bacteria and actinomycetes are able to thrive in acidic soils. Keeping your soil around a 6.5-7 pH range will allow the beneficial Fungi’s to thrive while slowing down the bad bacteria!


How we can help you?
We offer a regular soil pH test to all of our customers that can be performed on site by a Service Technician. This would be a basic test that would be able to get the pH level of the soil. Additionally, we offer a Complete Lab analyzed pH Test. The soil samples for this test would be sent out to the local extension service for lab analyzation. Once there, they would be able to determine the pH and the other micronutrients in the soil. Once the pH level has been established, we can move on to the correcting lime applications. We use a micro-prill hydrated lime, which also contains Magnesium, an overlooked micronutrient needed in this area. This product is specially ordered and unique to our lawn care programs here at FHS!